Former two-time NBA champion arrested for possession of drugs and weapons

Once one of the best players in his position, he is now a frequent visitor to police stations

by Sededin Dedovic
Former two-time NBA champion arrested for possession of drugs and weapons
© Christian Petersen / Getty Images

Rajon Rondo, the point guard who dazzled with his passing and defense, found himself embroiled in another off-court controversy. The news of his arrest for possession of weapons and drug dealing further compromised the once celebrated NBA champion.

"Rondo was stopped for a traffic violation by the police, and the policeman smelled marijuana, which caused a search of the car, in which a pistol, marijuana for personal use, as well as drug paraphernalia were found," reported Adrian Voinarovski, the most famous NBA insider.

Rondo immediately posted bail and will not remain behind bars. Rondo's talent was undeniable. A three-time league leader in assists, steals champion and four-time All-Star, he orchestrated some of the most exciting performances of his generation.

His tenacity and court vision were legendary, earning him All-Defensive Team honors and a coveted spot on the 2012 All-NBA Third Team. His career averages of 9.8 points, 7.9 assists and 4.5 rebounds speak volumes for his impact on the game.

He was drafted with the 21st pick back in 2006, and Phoenix, who took him the same night, sent him to Boston. Rondo played for the Celtics until 2014 and was a champion with them, and then frequent moves around the USA followed.

He also played for Dallas, Sacramento, Chicago, New Orleans, the Lakers in which he was again champion, Atlanta, the Clippers, the Lakers again and finally Cleveland. However, Rondo's brilliance was often overshadowed by his temper and reckless behavior.

Even during his playing days, he caused controversy with on-field incidents such as the infamous "weapon gesture" directed at fans. Off the field, disturbing reports of allegations of domestic violence and property damage further tarnished his image.

This latest arrest could have reminded us of the demons that have plagued Rondo throughout his career. The court proceedings will determine the immediate consequences of Rondo's actions. But the bigger question is whether he can break free from the cycle of self-destruction that has continued to follow him even after his retirement in 2022.

He's had a good career, he's rich and relatively young, and the last thing he needs in his life is prison. This time he paid the bail, but he should understand from the example of other basketball players what the end of such a way of life is.

Although he did not officially announce his retirement, he has been without a club for a year and a half, and because of his lifestyle, it is unlikely that he will play in the NBA again.