Warriors Eye $48 Million Trade Deal as Perfect Match for Stephen Curry

NBA Trade Rumors Gain Momentum Amidst Playoff Race.

by Nouman Rasool
Warriors Eye $48 Million Trade Deal as Perfect Match for Stephen Curry
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In a season filled with despair and hope, the Charlotte Hornets and the Golden State Warriors find themselves at different ends of the spectrum. With a record of 10-33, the Hornets have come to terms with the unlikelihood of a postseason berth and are contemplating a complete rebuild.

Meanwhile, at 19-23, the Warriors are in a race to secure a spot in the highly competitive Western Conference playoffs despite a recent slump of nine losses in their last 13 games. The Warriors are actively exploring trade opportunities to bolster their roster.

According to insights from an Eastern Conference executive shared with Heavy Sports, the Warriors have been engaging in conversations with numerous teams across the league, casting a wide net in their quest to find pieces that complement their star player, Stephen Curry.

The urgency to make significant moves is palpable; some may even describe it as desperation, depending on one's perspective.

Crucial Trade Scenario

In a potential trade scenario that could address the Warriors' needs, the Charlotte Hornets could play a crucial role by sending their talented big man, P.J.

Washington, to Golden State. The Athletic has identified Washington as a "best fit" for the Warriors, suggesting that his addition could provide the team with valuable support. P.J. Washington, who recently signed a new contract worth $48 million over three years in restricted free agency, brings versatility.

Despite his slightly underwhelming statistics this season, averaging 12.6 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 2.2 assists while shooting 43.4% from the field and 32.8% from beyond the arc, Washington's potential is well-recognized.

He is known for his ability to play multiple positions, particularly the forward spots, and his 3-point shooting, which has been below par this year, is historically reliable at 36.1%. Washington's skill set aligns perfectly with the Warriors' needs, especially in supporting Stephen Curry.

His capacity to protect the rim, with an average of 1.0 blocks per game over his career, adds a defensive element that could benefit the team. Washington's current contract, valued at $16.8 million this season, presents an opportunity for the Warriors to explore a trade, potentially involving players like Chris Paul or Cody Martin.

While P.J. Washington may not be considered a blockbuster acquisition, he fits the Warriors' objective of finding a player who complements Curry's style of play. To make such a trade happen, the Warriors might need to include draft compensation, such as a protected first-rounder, as a sweetener. However, they may be willing to part with a future asset if they aim to salvage this season and fortify their roster.

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