The NBA star wants to play 3x3 basketball for Team USA at the Paris Olympics

Miami Heat basketball player Duncan Robinson is seriously considering playing for the United States 3x3 basketball team at the Paris Olympics

by Sededin Dedovic
The NBA star wants to play 3x3 basketball for Team USA at the Paris Olympics
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Miami Heat shooting guard Duncan Robinson is aiming for a different kind of basket - the one used in 3x3 basketball at the Paris Olympics. While the competition for a spot on Team USA is fierce, Robinson's elite shooting skills could earn him a coveted spot on the team.

However, it is necessary to arrange some dice so that Robinson goes with the USA team to the Olympics in Paris. Listed among 41 candidates vying for a spot on the 12-man roster, Robinson faces a tough task. The competition is full of seasoned 3x3 veterans and rising stars, leaving him outside the current top contenders.

However, the Olympic dream is burning for the ace of Miami, as he himself confirmed that it is his dream to play for his country. "Right now we're trying to figure out how to make it 100 percent. My hope and goal is to go there in some way, either as part of one team or another.

I'd just relish the opportunity to represent my country," Robinson said in a recent interview with Associated Press. Two ways lead to representing Team USA in Paris. Robinson needs to either crack the top 10 in the USA rankings or participate in at least one official FIBA 3x3 tournament between January 2023 and June 2024.

No field has been confirmed at this time.

Great chances to get into the team

Robinson's skills on the basketball court are undeniable. He is a lethal shooter, averaging 41.1% from three-point range in the NBA this season. His ability to take shots from beyond the arc would be a valuable asset in a fast-paced, high-scoring 3x3 world.

Robinson's potential impact on the team could entice other NBA players to consider 3x3, potentially raising the profile of the sport in the United States. Regardless of whether he makes the final 12 or not, Robinson's commitment to representing his country has captivated basketball fans in the United States. And who knows, maybe the buzzer from Miami could cement his legacy as an Olympic champion in Paris.

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