Stephen Curry lights up Bulls to lead Warriors to first win of season

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Stephen Curry lights up Bulls to lead Warriors to first win of season

Golden State Warriors star guard Steph Curry is hoping that his momentum from the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bulls will carry over as he is still trying to shake off the rust from not playing for too long. Curry, who missed a good number of games last season, started the season shooting 9-for-35 from the three-point line but still he managed to drop 36 points against the Bulls on Sunday.

The Warriors, who started the season 0-2, beat the Bulls 129-128 to clinch their first win of the year. "I missed a lot of open ones which -- hopefully doesn't continue to happen," Curry said after the game.

"But the rest of them are just trying to find my rhythm. There's no excuse, just for what my expectations for myself and shots that I take I always think I'm going to make. I don't think -- maybe one or two of them I would call bad shots.

The rest of them I was confident in and ones that I feel I can make. And it's just a matter of sticking with the program."

Curry had a big fourth quarter for the Warriors

Curry knocked down two three pointers and had 13 points in the fourth quarter to help the Warriors edge out the Bulls in a tight contest.

"You can talk about how many games I played in a calendar year, but I feel like I can shake that off pretty quickly," Curry said. "That's just a mindset thing, so that's why in the fourth quarter it turned around and hopefully that carries momentum into the next game.

The last thing you can do is just stop shooting no matter how frustrated you get." Curry isn't the only Warrior struggling from beyond the arc at the beginning of the season as swingman Kelly Oubre Jr. is 0-for-17 on his three-point attempts.

Oubre enjoyed a strong last season with the Phoenix Suns, before he was acquired by the Warriors. "I always feel like coming to a new team is difficult," Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said. "So Kelly's shooting struggles right now really aren't that surprising.

I know it's going to turn. Every time I went to a new team in my career, it was very, very difficult to find comfort in my shots in the early going. And I think Steph is actually going through the same thing right now because he's not as comfortable with where his shots are coming from.

Just because of the differences in personnel ... Steph's not used to the same patterns we've had for many years, but I think we're starting to get to some of those."