Vince Carter on Difficulty Talking to Wealthy Young NBA Players

Exploring evolving NBA dynamics through Vince Carter's insights.

by Nouman Rasool
Vince Carter on Difficulty Talking to Wealthy Young NBA Players
© Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In a candid conversation on Fanduel's "Run it Back" show, NBA legend Vince Carter expressed the challenges faced in mentoring today's young NBA talents, attributing the difficulty to the significant financial earnings and emerging talent in the league.

The eight-time All-Star, renowned for his influential career, shared insights from his experience in guiding rookies and young players. Carter highlighted a shift in the dynamics within the locker room, emphasizing the impact of substantial financial gains on young players' receptiveness to advice from seasoned veterans.

He pointed out that while many young players show respect and listen, there's a sense of confidence bordering on nonchalance, as exemplified by Golden State Warriors forward Jonathan Kuminga's attitude towards scoring. This topic was particularly relevant in light of recent reports surrounding Kuminga, who reportedly expressed dissatisfaction with his role under coach Steve Kerr at the Warriors.

Carter, with over two decades in the NBA, views this as a classic scenario where a young, ambitious player clashes with the strategies of a championship-focused team.

Kuminga's Underutilization Issue

Carter further elaborated on Kuminga's situation, suggesting that the young forward feels underutilized in his scoring abilities within the Warriors' system.

This, according to Carter, reflects a broader trend in the NBA where the current focus is heavily tilted towards offense, a stark contrast to previous eras where defense played a more prominent role. Carter, who was the fifth overall pick in the 1995 NBA Draft, observed that today's NBA rules seem to favor offensive play.

He compared the current scoring trends to past legends like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, noting that scoring was more challenging in their time due to a different approach to fouling and defense. Concluding his appearance on "The Knuckleheads Podcast," Carter reflected on the evolution of the NBA.

He acknowledged that changes in players' mentality and style of play are inevitable as the game progresses. This evolution, according to Carter, is part of the growth of the game, bringing both positive and negative shifts in the basketball landscape.