Matt Barnes Hits Back at Jason Whitlock in Stephen A. Smith Feud

Former NBA stars speak out in heated media feud.

by Nouman Rasool
Matt Barnes Hits Back at Jason Whitlock in Stephen A. Smith Feud
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In the latest development of the high-profile feud involving sports commentators Stephen A. Smith and Jason Whitlock, former NBA player Matt Barnes has vocally supported Smith, criticizing Whitlock for his controversial stances.

Barnes, a 2017 NBA Champion, accused Whitlock of consistently targeting the Black community, including athletes, entertainers, and media professionals. Speaking on the All The Smoke podcast, Barnes expressed his disappointment with Whitlock's approach, labeling him a 'Fox News' puppet.

"He goes out of his way to attack the black side of it and antagonize people of the larger platform," Barnes stated, pointing out Whitlock's departure from mainstream platforms and his newfound audience that endorses his divisive commentary.

Jackson Critiques Whitlock

Similarly, Stephen Jackson, co-host and 2003 NBA Champion, shared his unpleasant experiences with Whitlock.

Jackson, known as 'Stack Jack', emphasized Whitlock's persistent efforts to propagate negative stereotypes about the Black community. Despite acknowledging Whitlock's intelligence, Jackson criticized him for using his intellect to gain notoriety, calling him the 'biggest clout chaser.'

The root of the conflict between Smith and Whitlock traces back to Whitlock's skepticism about the authenticity of Smith's recent memoir. Whitlock further escalated the dispute by publishing a provocative column on the right-wing site The Blaze, questioning Smith's integrity and labeling him a fraud.

In response, Smith, a prominent 56-year-old sports analyst, fiercely retaliated on his podcast. He highlighted Whitlock's history of controversial statements, including comparing Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan and promoting baseless conspiracy theories about Michelle Obama.

Smith bluntly described Whitlock as the 'worst human being' he had ever encountered. This ongoing clash of personalities in the sports media landscape shows no signs of abating. Amidst this heated exchange, notable NBA figures like Barnes and Jackson are openly siding with Smith, underlining the deep divisions and strong opinions that characterize this high-stakes media battle.

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