Portland Basketball Faces Historic Humiliation in NBA Clash with Oklahoma

This is the fifth meeting in NBA history with the biggest difference between the two rivals

by Sededin Dedovic
Portland Basketball Faces Historic Humiliation in NBA Clash with Oklahoma
© Rich Storry / Getty Images

The Portland basketball team suffered a heavy loss against Oklahoma in a game that will go down in NBA history as the fifth largest point difference between the two rivals. The final score of 139:77 left Portland reeling, and the players were left to grapple with the magnitude of the loss.

This disheartening loss brings back memories of another infamous game in NBA history, when Oklahoma itself faced a humiliating loss to Memphis, losing by an astounding 73 points and a final score of 79-152. Shai Gilges-Alexander, who scored 31 points in a recent game against Portland, looked back on that dark day against Memphis, saying, "I remember that game against Memphis very well, even though I wasn't on the team that night.

We made a promise to ourselves that day that we never want to feel as bad as we did then. I think that was the fuel that drove us to record this result." In this recent loss to Portland, Jaylen Williams proved to be the only player worth mentioning on the losing team with 21 points.

The loss is now the second-worst in team history, tied for first with a 65-point loss to Indiana in 1998.

Lots of interesting matches

Another game was played and Boston faced a convincing defeat against Milwaukee, with a final score of 102:135.

Bobby Portins led Milwaukee with an impressive 28 points, while Peyton Pritchard had 21 points for the defeated Boston team. The Dallas Mavericks, without their star Luka Doncic, managed to win over New York with a score of 128:124.

Kyrie Irving played a key role, scoring 44 points, while Tim Hardaway Jr. added 32 points to the winning effort. The game was tight as the Mavericks held on to their lead despite a late surge from New York, ending up with a narrow victory.

In another important game, the Finks secured a convincing victory over the Lakers with a score of 127:109, highlighting the unpredictability and intensity of the current NBA season.