Jokic Makes NBA History in Denver Nuggets' Triumph Over Detroit Pistons

The Denver Nuggets basketball players defeated the Detroit Pistons 131:114, and the star of the evening was Jokic, not for points but for assists

by Sededin Dedovic
Jokic Makes NBA History in Denver Nuggets' Triumph Over Detroit Pistons
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The Denver Nuggets secured a convincing 131:114 victory against the Detroit Pistons, and Denver's center Nikola Jokic played a historic performance that cemented his status as one of the NBA's best players. Jamal Murray contributed significantly to the Nuggets' victory by scoring a season-high 37 points.

Michael Porter and Caldwell Pope also played key roles, each finishing with 18 points. Jalen Duren was in the best mood in the defeated team with 20 points. Alex Burks scored 18, and Bojan Bogdanović 14. Detroit cannot stop this black streak, and it seems that they will set a record of lost games that will be difficult to overcome in the future.

The disastrous game, the weak mentality of the team and the bad form of the best players is the key factor in their misfortune. Detroit has suffered its 33rd loss of the season and is in last place in the NBA's Eastern Conference with just three wins.

Definitely, even in their worst nightmares, no one expected that Detroit would be this weak this season despite the young team they have. With this win, Denver maintains a strong position in the Western Conference, taking second place with 26 wins and 12 losses.

NBA record

Jokic made history in the game against Detroit, despite his poor scoring performance, becoming the first player in the NBA who scored 15 or more assists, five or more rebounds and five blocks, while giving up less than five points.

And he became only the second player since 1996, after Jalen Rose, to record 16 or more assists and five blocks in a game. In addition, the Serbian center set a personal career record for the number of blocks in one game. Jokic spent 24 and a half minutes on the field and showed his efficiency with three successful field goals from two attempts.

Despite the potential for a career high in assists, coach Michael Malone decided to rest Jokic in the final quarter of the game. In the third quarter, Jokic had a minor setback when he received a technical foul due to, as judged by the referees, simulating contact with an opposing player.

However, this did not overshadow his overall outstanding performance. Looking ahead, the Nuggets will face Utah in their next game, while the Pistons will play Sacramento.

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