Mark Cuban's $35M Bonuses Reward Mavericks Team Post-Sale

Mavericks' Team Sale Yields Gratitude and Financial Relief for Staff

by Zain ul Abedin
Mark Cuban's $35M Bonuses Reward Mavericks Team Post-Sale
© Tim Heitman/Getty Images

Dallas Mavericks employees have every reason to celebrate, as owner Mark Cuban has announced a generous gesture of appreciation – a total of $35 million in bonuses. This extraordinary windfall comes on the heels of Cuban's recent sale of his majority stake in the team to casino magnate Miriam Adelson and her family for a staggering $3.5 billion.

The new custodian of the Mavericks will be Patrick Dumont, CEO, and president of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and Adelson's son-in-law. Mark Cuban, although relinquishing a majority stake, remains deeply invested in the team's future, maintaining a substantial 27% ownership share and overseeing basketball operations.

In a move that exudes gratitude and goodwill, Cuban personally informed Mavericks' staff members about the upcoming bonuses through an email communication. Cuban's email message, obtained by, conveyed heartfelt appreciation, stating, "As a thank you for all your hard work making the Mavs an amazing organization, each of you will be receiving a bonus from myself, and the Adelson and Dumont families." The email further emphasized the significant scale of this benevolent act, disclosing, "In total, we will be paying out approximately $35 plus million dollars in bonuses to you all."

Fair Bonus Distribution

To ensure a fair distribution of these bonuses, Cuban and his team meticulously devised a framework that considered the duration of each employee's tenure with the Mavericks.

This approach ensures that those who have dedicated more years to the organization will receive a more substantial bonus reflecting their commitment. Cuban's announcement has filled the Mavericks' staff with excitement and appreciation, knowing that their dedication and hard work have been recognized and rewarded.

The bonuses will be disbursed promptly, with employees eagerly awaiting the additional financial support that will undoubtedly enhance their lives. Mark Cuban's dedication to the Dallas Mavericks remains unwavering as he expressed his enthusiasm to continue working towards the goal of making the Mavericks the premier franchise in all of sports.

With his continued involvement and the promising leadership of Patrick Dumont, the future looks bright for the Dallas Mavericks, both on and off the court. This generous bonus distribution not only serves as a token of appreciation but also as a testament to the sense of unity and purpose that drives the Mavericks' organization.