Banchero Blazes! Magic Rookie Lights Up Denver with First Career Triple-Double

Again, Denver had a chance to win in the last moments, but this time Murray didn't manage like Nikola Jokic

by Sededin Dedovic
Banchero Blazes! Magic Rookie Lights Up Denver with First Career Triple-Double
© Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

In a highly anticipated matchup in last night's Denver vs. Orlando game, basketball enthusiasts witnessed a thrilling finish as Orlando emerged victorious with a close score of 122:120. The game, marked by a dramatic finish with the unmistakable sound of the siren, showcased the brilliance of Paolo Banchero, who not only played a key role in securing victory for his team, but also achieved an individual victory as he recorded his first career triple double.

He was visibly satisfied after the match and announced more matches with triple doubles. Despite the stellar performance of Nikola Jokic, whose outstanding play had led Denver to an unusual victory over Golden State just 24 hours earlier.

Then Jokic scored a three-pointer almost from half court with the sound of the siren and brought victory to his team. This time his team found themselves in a similar situation against Orlando, but the fate of the match was determined by Jamal Murray, whose attempt to secure the victory failed as he missed the game-winning shot at the sound of the siren, which ultimately allowed Orlando to emerge victorious.

Paolo Banchero silenced the critics

The hero of the night for Orlando was Paolo Banchero, whose triple-double performance included impressive statistics of 32 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists. It was clear from the beginning that he was in a great mood for the game, but in the end he surprised even himself with a triple double.

Paolo Banchero's outstanding game was complemented by contributions from Jalen Suggs, who scored 27 points, and Cole Anthony, who added 23 points to the scoreboard. On the opposing side, Nikola Jokic continued to show his strength with 29 points, 4 rebounds and 8 assists.

Michael Porter, although he made a commendable effort with seven points less than Jokic, could not prevent the team from succumbing to its 12th loss of the season. However, the real breakdown of the match came for Jamal Mario, who with 20 points missed a key three in the final moments, denying Denver a chance to spoil Orlando's celebration and sealing their fate with another loss of the season.

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