Pacers' Power Play: Franchise Record 50 Assists Propel them to Victory

Tyrese Halliburton contributed the most to breaking Indiana's record with his impressive 18 assists

by Sededin Dedovic
Pacers' Power Play: Franchise Record 50 Assists Propel them to Victory
© Andy Lyons / Getty Images

The Indiana Pacers are on a remarkable NBA championship winning streak, securing their sixth straight win with an impressive performance against the Atlanta Hawks. The Pacers dismantled the Hawks' defense, sealing a decisive 150-116 victory in a game that showcased their prowess on both ends of the floor.

In the end, the great shooting team of the Pacers contributed an impressive 150 points, something that is not often seen even in the NBA league. The Atlanta Hawks, who suffered their third loss in their last five games, struggled to contain the Pacers' offensive attack.

Indiana, on the other hand, displayed exceptional teamwork, setting a franchise record with an astounding 50 assists during the game. This achievement highlighted the strength and selflessness of the Pacers players, which coach Rick Carlisle emphasized.

"A lot of assists, we set a franchise record, which just speaks to the strength and unselfishness of the players on this team," Carlisle said after the game. Indiana controlled the tempo of the game from start to finish, leaving no doubt as to the outcome.

The victory was proof of their dominance on the field and proved that they are a serious contender for the championship this season. The Hawks couldn't consolidate their lines in defense, and the incredible defense of the Pacers didn't give them many opportunities to shoot the ball.

Halliburton master for assistance

Leading the attack for the Pacers, Myles Turner scored 27 points and had one of his best games, while Benedikt Maturin added a satisfactory 18 points. Bruce Brown jumped in with a solid performance, falling just one point short of Maturin's total.

Notably, Tyrese Halliburton had a double-double performance with ten points and an outstanding 18 assists, further highlighting the team's exceptional ball movement. Throughout the game, Haliburton found his teammates with the ball in various positions, and he was close to reaching over 20 assists.

In the Atalanta team, Dejonte Murray scored 30 points, Bogdanovic 16, Trey Young 13, and Jalen Johnson 12 points. The win moves Indiana closer to the season record for most points, marking their second-best total of the season.

Their dominance over the Atlanta Hawks followed their previous win on Nov. 21, where they defeated the same opponent 157-152. The Pacers are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the NBA Championship, leaving fans excited after this latest win with an unbelievable number of assists.