Nets' Kyrie Irving 'grateful' after dominating Celtics on Christmas Day

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Nets' Kyrie Irving 'grateful' after dominating Celtics on Christmas Day

Kyrie Irving dropped a game-high 37 points and Kevin Durant added 29 points as the Brooklyn Nets dominated the Boston Celtics 123-95 at TD Garden on Christmas Day. The Nets, who were trailing 54-51 at halftime, claimed a comeback win after Irving and Durant each scored 20 points in the second half.

"It was nothing tactical going into the second half," Irving claimed, per ESPN. "It was really up to us to make high basketball IQ plays and then be able to stop them on the defensive end." The Celtics, who made the Eastern Conference Finals last season, stood no chance against the Nets and Celtics head coach Brad Stevens dropped a praise on Irving and Durant after the game.

"They're very capable of pouring it on," Celtics coach Stevens said of Irving and Durant. "I think [Brooklyn is] the deepest team in the NBA and certainly is in the conversation to be the best."

Irving doesn't want the Nets to get complacent

The Nets have started the season with two wins as they also dominated the Golden State Warriors 125-99 on the opening game of the season.

So far, so great for the Nets but Irving wants the team to continue to get better and perform constantly at a high level. "What's there to be content about?" Irving asked. "What's there to be happy about? It's two games.

Let's move on to the next game. Let's get ready for Charlotte. Let's go do this thing again. Let's have some fun. "Obviously, we want this season to go in a very patient current. We don't want to rush this.

I know what history looks like, and when you're a part of it, and I don't want to take any day for granted, so I'm grateful I get to share it this journey with these guys." Durant, who signed with the Nets in the 2019 offseason, missed the entire first season with the Nets.

On the other side, Irving did play last season but he missed a good number of games. "I'm just grateful that we're all healthy and we're all here to be able to play the game that we love," Irving said.

"Obviously, competing against those guys, competing against the coaches that I had almost a year-and-a-half ago, like I said, I'm grateful. We're going to continue to see them; we're in the same division. So, to get us started here in Boston, nothing added."