76ers coach Brett Brown: Ben Simmons experienced three-point paradigm shift

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76ers coach Brett Brown: Ben Simmons experienced three-point paradigm shift

Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown admits watching Ben Simmons taking three pointers without hesitation is a welcome sight. Simmons, the first overall pick off the 2016 NBA draft, didn't feel too much comfortable in taking shots beyond the arc in his first seversal easons in the NBA but now he is ready to add another dimension to his game.

Against the Memphis Grizzlies, Simmons fired two three-pointers -- the first one he missed badly but the second went in. "I get excited [watching it] ... He doesn't flinch," Brown said, as quoted on ESPN. "The sport told him, 'I'm open, nobody is guarding me, shoot it,' and he did.

There was no hesitation about what's next, or, 'What decision do I have to make now?'" Over the years, coach Brown has had to answer questions regarding Simmons' three-pointer on many occasions. "I mean, I've said since we've all known each other and I'll say it again, I think this area is arguably one of the most overrated topics that I've been a part of in coaching," Brown said Thursday.

"So to quantify I want to see X number of jump shots ... Ben Simmons is going to play basketball, and the sport is going to tell him what he should or shouldn't do. "[But] I feel like his spirit, his mindset coming down here, him willingly finding space and finding 3s, that has been a paradigm shift.

That has been an attitudinal change, a philosophical, internal decision that he has made, because I have just seen a player that is cocky and just playing and when the game says you should shoot because nobody is on you, he does, and he doesn't blink and his teammates love it and so does his head coach."

Simmons embracing the new role

"Just playing," Simmons said of adding a three-point shot to his game. "We've been practicing, working on just finding that corner. I'm very comfortable over there, and I've been shooting those shots, so I'm glad my teammates are finding me."

Simmons has been switched from point guard to small forward in the new 76ers lineup and he has nothing against his new role. "I'm happy with it," Simmons said. "I can guard 1-5, I can play everywhere, but catching in those positions, I love those spots. I work on those spots, and my footwork there. I just got to keep working and taking what's given to us."