Warriors' Andrew Wiggins: Career on the Brink

Warriors Face Dilemma with Wiggins' Underwhelming Season.

by Nouman Rasool
Warriors' Andrew Wiggins: Career on the Brink
© Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors, currently positioned at 11th in the Western Conference with a record of 15-16, are facing a challenging decision regarding forward Andrew Wiggins. Tim Kawakami of The Athletic reports that Wiggins' tenure with the team appears precarious, a sentiment echoed by Warriors' general manager Mike Dunleavy earlier this month.

At 28 years old, Wiggins has encountered a noticeable slump this season, following significant time off the court last year. His recent performance has led to a benching in favor of Jonathan Kuminga, sparking rumors of Wiggins being placed on the trade block.

With the February 8 trade deadline approaching, Wiggins' contributions to the team are under intense scrutiny.

Wiggins' Career Low

Wiggins' statistics this season depict a career low, with an average of 13 points and four rebounds per game, alongside disappointing scoring and 3-point shooting percentages.

This downturn in performance comes despite his substantial four-year, $109 million extension, which is increasingly seen as a financial strain for a player now coming off the bench.

The situation is further complicated by the indefinite suspension of Draymond Green, another key player for the Warriors.

When asked about the impact of Green's absence on the team's strategy, Dunleavy emphasized the importance of the team's performance in the upcoming games. "The next 15 to 20 games will be crucial in determining our direction," Dunleavy commented on December 14.

"Our focus is on evaluating the team's chemistry and lineups. Our current record demands improvement, and if we don't see progress and move beyond a .500 winning percentage, we'll have to reassess our approach." This statement from Dunleavy underscores the urgency within the Warriors' camp.

The team, which has enjoyed recent success including multiple championship titles, now finds itself at a juncture where tough decisions about player roster and strategy are inevitable. As the trade deadline looms, all eyes are on Wiggins and the Warriors' management to see if the former number one draft pick can rediscover his form or if his time with the team is drawing to a close.