Disgruntled Fans Leave Early as Wizards Fall to Raptors 132-102

Towards the end of the third quarter, a large number of fans started to leave the hall in revolt, which further weakened the team from the capital

by Sededin Dedovic
Disgruntled Fans Leave Early as Wizards Fall to Raptors 132-102
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In a gloomy atmosphere marked by relentless rain in front of the hall, Washington Wizards fans dressed in jerseys waited at the entrance while it rained. However, their expectations weakened once again, reinforcing the idea that the capital's basketball enthusiasts may not be justified in serious optimism this season.

The Wizards failed to secure just their sixth home win of the season, falling to the Toronto Raptors 132-102. OG Anunoby shone as the Raptors' most effective player with 26 points, while Kyle Kuzma led the Wizards with 14 points, and Deni Avdija added 12 points.

The pale and very bad game of the Wizards caused sad faces among their fans; you could see that there were tensions in the hall. This victory was the 12th for the Raptors, and coach Darko Rajaković, who managed the Raptors from the sidelines, reflected on the game: "We made some changes in the starting five.

In the beginning, the players needed a bit more time to get used to who should do what, what kind of spacing should be used on the field. But we managed to play a good game, finished with 43 assists and played very well defensively," said Rajaković for the Voice of America after the match.

Some fans left the hall before the end

The Wizards' arena had a sparse crowd 20 minutes before tipoff, gradually building to nearly 10,000. However, the team was unable to capitalize on this support, as Jordan Poole and Kuzma missed shots early in the game as the Raptors stepped up their defense.

Toronto, led by Anunoby, Pascal Siakam, and Scotty Barnes, went on a 15-0 run, taking control of the game. Despite fleeting moments when the Wizards seemed poised for a comeback, Toronto responded with timely timeouts and solid defensive plays.

As the Raptors surpassed 90 points late in the third quarter, a significant portion of the dwindling crowd began to leave the stands, resigned to the inevitable outcome. It could be seen that the players were also affected by the image of fans leaving the hall in dissatisfaction. There were high hopes and plans before the start of the season, it seems that now no one believes in it anymore.

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