Eric Gordon Criticizes Suns for Selfish Play

Suns Struggle Despite Star-Powered Lineup Early Season.

by Nouman Rasool
Eric Gordon Criticizes Suns for Selfish Play
© Rich Graessle/Getty Images

In the aftermath of the Phoenix Suns' recent loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, a sense of disappointment permeates the team. Eric Gordon, the Suns' seasoned shooting guard, expressed his concerns candidly, pinpointing the reasons behind the team's lackluster performance in the early stages of the 2023-2024 NBA season.

Gordon emphasized the team's need for a more selfless approach and a return to fundamental play. "It's been disappointing, our performance on both ends of the floor. We need to adopt an unselfish mindset and be more genuine with ourselves," Gordon stated.

His comments reflect the team's struggle to find cohesion, despite the high-caliber talent on their roster.

Suns' Underwhelming Start

The Suns, envisioned as contenders at the season's outset, now find themselves grappling with a mediocre 14-13 record.

This is particularly jarring given the expectations set by their star-studded lineup, including Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal. Although injuries have limited their collective playtime, the Suns still boast two superstars on the floor for most games.

The supporting cast has performed adequately, yet the team's overall output has fallen short of expectations. A key issue for the Suns lies in their offensive and defensive strategies. Offensively, they often rely heavily on Durant and Booker to generate scoring opportunities, frequently leading to rushed shots as the clock winds down.

This approach not only limits the team's offensive potential but also reduces the number of shots they take, hindering their ability to become one of the league's top offensive units. Defensively, the Suns' challenges are more pronounced.

Lacking elite defenders or notable rim protectors, they rank only 17th in the league in defensive rating. This deficiency has forced the Suns to focus on outscoring opponents, a strategy that requires seamless teamwork and effective ball movement—elements currently missing from their gameplay.

Gordon's remarks could serve as a wake-up call for the Suns, potentially igniting a resurgence in team spirit and performance. However, there's also a risk that his criticisms might deepen internal rifts. As the Suns stand 10th in the competitive Western Conference, the hope is that the eventual return of their key trio to regular play will foster better synergy and elevate their game.

Despite their struggles, the Suns possess undeniable talent and potential. A strong mid-season surge could propel them back into the upper echelons of the conference standings, making them a formidable opponent in the playoffs.

The NBA community is well aware that when the Suns find their rhythm, they are a team no one wants to face in high-stakes matchups. With the season still young, the Suns have ample time to address their shortcomings and reaffirm their status as a top-tier team in the league.