Unraveling the Mystery: How NBA Hopeful Chance Comanche Became a Murder Suspect

Instagram model Mariana Rogers, a 23-year-old girl from Washington who was searched for ten days before parts of her body were found deep in the deserts of the state of Nevada

by Sededin Dedovic
Unraveling the Mystery: How NBA Hopeful Chance Comanche Became a Murder Suspect
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Former NBA player Chance Comanche has reportedly confessed to his role in the murder of popular Instagram model Mariana Rogers. The 23-year-old from Washington had been missing for ten days before her body parts were discovered deep in the Nevada desert.

Comanche, a University of Arizona alumnus, declared for the 2017 NBA Draft but went undrafted. His basketball journey took him through the development league, with stints for the Memphis Hustle, Kenton Charge and Enid Outlaws, along with a brief stint in Turkey with Ankara.

After the 2021/22 season, he returned to the US, playing for the Stockton Kings, Portland Trail Blazers (one game, seven points) and again for Sacramento's development team until last week. This 27-year-old Comanche, seeking a place in the Sacramento Kings through the development league, allegedly provided the police with detailed information about the plan to kill Mariana, which he organized with his girlfriend Sakari Harnden (19).

Both individuals were arrested and Comanche is currently being held without bail pending a Sacramento court appearance next Tuesday.

Fired from Kings development team

At the time of the murder, Comanche was playing for the Stockton Kings, and details from the investigation reveal that the crime occurred shortly after the Kings' visit to Las Vegas on Dec.

5. He was reported missing two days later, leading to Comanche's termination from the Sacramento Kings' development team after he and Harnden were arrested as part of an FBI-led investigation. Comanche explained to investigators that Harnden had personal issues with Rogers, and their motive was allegedly the Rolex watch.

The terrifying plan involved luring Marijana, offering her $1,000 compensation to participate in a staged car scenario. Comanche revealed that Harnden strangled Mariana with his bare hands while tying her up with an HDMI cable.

The lifeless body was then left in the Henderson Desert, hidden under rocks. The discovery of Marijana's body happened only after the Comanches cooperated with the investigators and determined on the map the location where they left the victim.

The shocking revelation sent shockwaves through the community, highlighting the disturbing details surrounding the tragic incident.