How long will Draymond's suspension actually last?

Shams Charania, informed journalist of "The Athletic" gave us a hint

by Sededin Dedovic
How long will Draymond's suspension actually last?
© Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Draymond Green, the trademark of the Golden State Warriors, is once again involved in controversy. After taking an unjustified hit on Jusuf Nurkic mid-game, Green earned himself an "indefinite" suspension from the NBA and raised many questions about his future.

The move by the league marks a decision prompted by years of questionable behavior. Nurkic's plea after the game, "That brother needs help," resonated deeply in the NBA. Green, a four-time champion and hard-working defender, has unfortunately become just as well known for his aggressiveness on the court.

A series of incidents - punches, slaps, pushes, even an infamous row with teammate Jordan Poole - paint a worrying picture of the player.

The first part of the sentence is absent for three weeks

According to Shams Charania, informed journalist "The Athletic", the first part of the leave will last three weeks.

In order to return, the league said Green would have to meet certain conditions, but did not specify what those conditions were. An indefinite suspension is no ordinary punishment. It's a clear message: The NBA is ready to act decisively to protect its players and the spirit of the game.

But it's also a lifeline, an opportunity for Green to seek the help he undoubtedly needs. Reports that Green has undergone counseling are a positive step, an opportunity to address the underlying issues fueling his outbursts.

The specifics of Green's return are still unknown, probably he himself regrets it, but now it's too late. The duration of his suspension is unknown, it depends on the nature of the "conditions" he must fulfill. Yet amid the obscurity there are glimmers of hope.

His contribution to the Warriors is undeniable. His defensive ability and basketball IQ were key in their championship runs. But for Green's legacy to truly stand the test of time, it has to be more than just rings and stats.

It must be built on sportsmanship, respect and commitment to fair play. This suspension may represent a chance for a temperamental player. It's an opportunity for Green to set an example for future generations of players to whom he is a role model.

Draymond Green's legacy as one of the best defenders of the 21st century now hangs in the balance, and the time for action is now.