"We have to help him," Coach Kerr comments on Draymond Green's suspension

Steve Kerr supported the NBA choice but he said he wanted to be close to his player

by Lorenzo Ciotti
"We have to help him," Coach Kerr comments on Draymond Green's suspension
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Warriors forward Draymond Green has been suspended indefinitely after punching Nurkic. Steve Kerr, head coach of the Warriors, supported the NBA choice and, before the match against the Los Angeles Clippers, said he wanted to be close to his player.

"We need to help Draymond. It's an opportunity for Draymond to step away from the field and make a change. It's not an easy thing to do, it's not a situation where you say: OK, I have a five-game suspension and then I can go back on the field The league made that choice, the decision was not to choose a number of suspension games, but to help Draymond.

This is not about a single incident that happened on the field. This is about his life. This is about someone who I believe in, who I have known for decades and whose loyalty I love. The man who tried to choke Rudy Gobert, who punched Jusuf and Jordan Poole, that is the man who needs to change.

This change can happen with the help of experienced people in the camp. My role is to support Draymond as best I can. We want to give him the space, time and help he needs to make a meaningful change. We are not qualified to offer him some of the things he needs.

Now the team needs space. Draymond needs space. Draymond will do what he thinks is right and then move on," he explained.

Green's banned indefinitely

During a game on November 14, 2023, against the Minnesota Timberwolves, teammate Klay Thompson and Timberwolves forward Jaden McDaniels started a brawl between the two teams.

Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert attempted to push Thompson away from McDaniels when Green put Gobert in a necklock. Green, Thompson and McDaniels were ejected. This was Green's second consecutive ejection, the first occurring on November 11 in a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers for receiving two technical fouls.

The next day, the NBA suspended Green for five games for escalating an on-court altercation. On December 12, 2023, in a game against the Phoenix Suns, Green hit Suns center Jusuf Nurkic in the face while being guarded by him.

Green was subsequently given a Type 2 flagrant foul and ejected from the game. The next day, the NBA announced it was suspending him indefinitely.

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