Steph Curry in awe of Keegan Murray – "What did he do?"

Maybe Murray is the man who could threaten all the three-point records of the famous Curry

by Sededin Dedovic
Steph Curry in awe of Keegan Murray – "What did he do?"
© Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

In Sacramento, a young star is making his way. Kings rookie Keegan Murray went on a three-point barrage that shook the league, drawing the attention of none other than the three-point king himself, Steph Curry.

Three-point shooting legend surprised

Against the Utah Jazz, Murray was incredibly accurate, setting three club records: most 3-pointers in a game (12), most points in a quarter and most consecutive 3-pointers (11).

As news of his shooting reached Curry during his postgame press conference, the normally composed player was visibly surprised. "What did he do?!" Curry exclaimed, his voice laced with disbelief. "Is the game over?" His question echoed in the opinion of many, while the area for journalists was filled with anticipation.

Of course, Curry's question was because he was interested in whether he would make another three-pointer.
Although Murray fell short of 13 3-pointers, his 12 3-pointers are a feat rarely accomplished even by seasoned veterans.

Only a handful of players have accomplished such a feat throughout their entire career. Curry, who holds the NBA record for most three-pointers in a season (402), knows firsthand how difficult it is to find that zone. "If the players see you're in a rhythm, they start passing you balls and you try to keep shooting and hitting," Curry explained, drawing on his own experiences.

188 3-pointers in his first NBA season

This performance caused whispers of a changing of the guard. Could Murray be the one to challenge Curry's throne? Considering his age, this seems very certain, of course with due respect to legends like Curry.

With 188 three-pointers in his first NBA season (2022/2023), he became the rookie with the most missed shots from beyond the three-point arc, surpassing Donovan Mitchell's achievement. Although it is still early to speculate on who will carry the golden torch of three-point mastery. So watch out for the king's young prince, because he might just rewrite the storybook in three points.