Pascal Siakam Trade Talks: Hawks' Persistent Interest in Raptors Star Explained

Exploring Atlanta's ongoing quest for a major roster upgrade.

by Nouman Rasool
Pascal Siakam Trade Talks: Hawks' Persistent Interest in Raptors Star Explained
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Pascal Siakam, the prominent forward of the Toronto Raptors, has once again become a crazy topic in NBA trade rumors, with the Atlanta Hawks showing persistent interest. As we're just shy of two months into the season, the buzz around Siakam's potential move is gaining momentum.

Shams Charania of The Athletic reports that several teams are closely watching the Raptors, with Siakam and O.G. Anunoby being the likely candidates for a trade, despite Scottie Barnes being off-limits. Siakam, in particular, is seen as a more probable trade option.

The Hawks, among other teams, are speculated to be keen contenders for his acquisition. This scenario mirrors the NBA's dynamic nature, reminiscent of Damian Lillard's unexpected shift to the Bucks when he seemed bound for the Heat.

The Hawks' connection to Siakam isn't new and continues to be a topic of discussion.

Hawks' Persistent Pursuit

In June, Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports revealed the Hawks' interest in Siakam, followed by their creative trade attempts.

Although unsuccessful in securing the two-time All-Star last summer, the Hawks remain engaged in discussions. Shams Charania, on TSN's OverDrive, noted that the Hawks proposed a deal involving De'Andre Hunter, AJ Griffin, and draft picks, but it didn't materialize.

The Hawks' reluctance to include Kobe Bufkin in the trade talks, as reported by Michael Scotto of HoopsHype, was another twist. Bufkin, chosen by the Hawks in the 2023 NBA Draft, was within Toronto's selection range but sidelined due to injury this season.

For the Raptors, trading Siakam could align with a strategic pivot around the younger and promising Barnes. The Raptors' current performance, combined with Siakam's potential unrestricted free agency and a hefty contract, adds complexity to the decision.

Siakam, at 29, commands a significant financial commitment, a critical factor for a team reassessing its direction. From Atlanta's perspective, the rationale for pursuing Siakam is multifaceted. Following their acquisition of Dejounte Murray in a significant trade in 2022, the Hawks are looking to strengthen their roster.

Despite a solid offensive lineup, their defense lags, and Siakam’s versatility could be a game-changer. While he might not single-handedly elevate the Hawks to the top of the Eastern Conference, his addition could significantly boost their playoff prospects.

The Pascal Siakam trade saga embodies the NBA's dynamic and unpredictable nature. As teams like the Hawks and Raptors navigate their strategies, Siakam's future remains a compelling storyline in the league's ongoing drama.

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