Rob Gronkowski's Warning to Tom Brady: NFL Icon's $375M Career

Tom Brady's Post-Retirement Sports Ventures Gain Staggering Momentum

by Zain ul Abedin
Rob Gronkowski's Warning to Tom Brady: NFL Icon's $375M Career
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In 2023, Tom Brady's presence off the football field has been making headlines as he gears up for a remarkable career transition into NFL announcing with FOX in 2024, all on the back of a staggering $375 million deal. The quarterback, who has spent most of his year off the field, is set to return to the spotlight in a whole new role.

Former teammate Rob Gronkowski recently issued Brady a playful but stern warning on the "Let's Go!" podcast. Gronkowski stated, “I'm gonna be watching you, I'm going to be critiquing you. I'm going to go on the postgame and I'm just going to ridicule you a few times that I'm not sure if he's right, or if he's spot on.

You're gonna have a lot of critics out there Tom, so you better be preparing”. Despite retiring from professional football, Tom Brady has remained deeply entrenched in the sports world. Beyond his upcoming role as an NFL announcer, he has delved into ownership roles with various sports franchises.

Brady's Diverse Sports Ventures

Brady's association with the Las Vegas Aces, who have clinched two consecutive WNBA championships, has been significant. His interest in the team was piqued when he attended a game in 2022.

Brady's connection with Aces owner Mark Davis eventually paved the way for him to become a partial owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, a deal valued at approximately $175 million for a 1.75 billion stake. If realized, this move would catapult Brady into the billionaire's club.

Additionally, Brady has ventured into unconventional sports. He co-owns a pickleball team with four-time major tennis champion Kim Clijsters, although the league's expansion teams they invested in have yet to be implemented.

Brady's sports portfolio also includes ownership of a team in the E1 race boat competition, announced in July 2023. With his diverse ventures and impending NFL announcing career, Tom Brady's post-retirement life continues to captivate the sports world.

His multi-faceted involvement underscores his enduring influence and financial prowess, making him a prominent figure both on and off the field. As he embarks on his next chapter, all eyes will be on Brady as he navigates the world of broadcasting while juggling his various sports-related commitments.

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