NBA Cup Champion to Skip Play-In, Enter Playoffs Directly: Is it Fair?

This can destroy the league, rumors leaked that the winner of the NBA Cup could go straight to the playoffs

by Sededin Dedovic
NBA Cup Champion to Skip Play-In, Enter Playoffs Directly: Is it Fair?
© Ethan Miller / Getty Images

The NBA's inaugural in-season tournament, known as the NBA Cup, crowned the Los Angeles Lakers as its first champion. The team from LA thus entered the history books and their best player LeBron James is the MVP. While the excitement of this new competition is obvious, some have questioned its importance.

However, recent reports suggest the league is considering a major change that could increase the Cup's importance: allowing the winner to automatically enter the playoffs. According to sources, the NBA plans to award the winner of the season tournament the seventh seed in their conference.

This would displace the current seventh seed and effectively eliminate them from the playoffs. Accordingly, the ninth and tenth seeds would compete for the eighth and final playoff spot, instead of seventh and eighth.

This is how the NBA Cup gains importance

At first glance, this appears to be a win-win situation.

It encourages teams to take the Cup seriously from the start, fueling excitement throughout the season. However, the potential drawbacks deserve consideration. One of the big concerns is the potential for an "exit" by the Cup champions.

Without the added incentive, a team may prioritize resting key players and conserving energy for the playoffs, sacrificing regular-season performance. For example, now if the Lakers knew that they had a safe place in the playoffs, they would not have the motivation to play during the season.

To solve this problem, the introduction of an additional significant reward in addition to the existing financial and trophy rewards could be crucial. This reward should be chosen carefully to ensure that it encourages continued high level play.

The motivation of the players is key

Finally, giving the winner of the season's tournament an automatic entry into the playoffs marks a bold step by NBA management that is sure to be met with strong reactions. However, careful consideration of the potential consequences and implementation of additional incentives are needed to ensure that this change positively impacts the NBA landscape and avoids unintended negative outcomes.

This change has the potential to create a more dynamic and interesting NBA season, but only if implemented thoughtfully and with a focus on maintaining competitive balance and player motivation. This is not official yet, but it is the most likely outcome.