LeBron James Questions Flu Game Myth, Praises Reaves' 28-Point Performance

LeBron's Humor Highlights Post-Game Press Conference.

by Faizan Chaudhary
LeBron James Questions Flu Game Myth, Praises Reaves' 28-Point Performance
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In a historic triumph for the LA Lakers, the team clinched victory in the first-ever NBA In-Season Tournament, with Austin Reaves emerging as a pivotal figure in this milestone achievement. Despite initial uncertainties about his playing condition, Reaves proved to be a game-changer in the Finals against the Indiana Pacers.

Before the game commenced, news circulated, courtesy of NBA insider Shams Charania, about Reaves battling an illness but still being game-ready. This revelation sparked a wave of humorous comparisons among fans, drawing parallels between Reaves and the legendary Michael Jordan, who famously played through the flu in the 1997 NBA Finals.

Reaves began the final match on the bench, adding a layer of anticipation for fans eager to witness his performance. When Reaves entered the game, it was evident that his ailment would not impede his play. He instantly energized the Lakers, igniting their offense and relentlessly scoring against the Pacers.

His impressive efforts were instrumental in the Lakers' commanding 123-109 victory.

Flu Game Banter

Post-game, while Reaves addressed the media, LeBron James playfully interjected from the background, sparking a debate over who had the superior flu game performance: Reaves or Jordan.

Reaves, in a lighthearted response, deflected the attention back to the game's analysis. Additionally, Reaves' performance coincided with the launch of his $100 Rigorer AR1 ‘Milky Way’ shoe, timed perfectly with the NBA Cup final.

Examining Reaves' statistics in the final reveals his significant impact. Despite starting off the bench, Reaves made a substantial contribution. He scored seven points in less than five minutes during the first quarter, followed by an explosive second quarter where he racked up 15 points.

By halftime, Reaves had accumulated 22 points, playing a crucial role in setting the game's momentum. Although his scoring slowed in the second half, his early-game performance resonated throughout the match. Anthony Davis took the reins, ending with 41 points, 20 rebounds, and four blocks, while LeBron James contributed 24 points and eleven rebounds, cementing the Lakers' triumph in this inaugural tournament.

This remarkable victory not only marks a significant chapter in the Lakers' history but also showcases the rising prominence of Austin Reaves as a key player in the team's success.

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