Robert Horry: Today's Overrated NBA Players Overshadowing Hakeem

Exploring the Underrated Greatness of NBA's Hakeem Olajuwon.

by Nouman Rasool
Robert Horry: Today's Overrated NBA Players Overshadowing Hakeem
© Robert Horry/Twitter

In an era where basketball legends are often defined by their social media presence and commercial endorsements, Robert Horry, a renowned name in NBA history, has voiced his concerns over the overshadowing of true basketball talent, particularly emphasizing his former Houston Rockets teammate, Hakeem Olajuwon.

Horry's critique, deeply rooted in the evolution of the NBA and its perception of greatness, sheds light on the underrated legacy of Olajuwon in the realm of all-time greats. Horry, affectionately known as "Big Shot Bob" for his clutch playoff performances, addressed this issue in a discussion with The National in 2013.

He highlighted the quiet nature and limited public exposure of Olajuwon, contrasting it with the current era's heightened media visibility. "Now there is so much social media and stuff that even players who could never have played when we played are thought of as great," Horry explained, underlining a generational shift in how players' legacies are sculpted.

Hakeem's Legendary Impact

Hakeem Olajuwon's illustrious career, marked by an NBA regular season MVP, two-time Finals MVP, and Defensive Player of the Year honors, speaks volumes of his prowess on the court. He was not just a dominant player but a versatile one, leading the league in blocks and earning a reputation as a rebounding champion.

Horry, reflecting on Olajuwon's skill set, stated, "I rate Dream as one of the top five players ever to play the game of basketball. He could do anything; there is nothing on the court he couldn't do." Adding to the conversation, Horry also shared a noteworthy perspective on the fear Olajuwon instilled in opponents, including none other than Michael Jordan.

While Jordan reigned supreme through the 1990s, Horry revealed that "MJ" had a particular apprehension towards facing Olajuwon, dubbed "The Big African." "If you ask Michael Jordan who was the one guy he feared, it was Hakeem Olajuwon," said Horry, emphasizing the respect Olajuwon commanded even from the greatest.

Robert Horry's sentiments resonate with many who witnessed Olajuwon's era. His assertion that the prime "Dream" outshines many of today's celebrated players is a testament to Olajuwon's undervalued greatness. As the NBA continues to evolve, Horry's reflections invite a re-examination of the benchmarks of basketball excellence, reminding fans and analysts alike of the profound impact and legacy of players like Hakeem Olajuwon.