The Pelicans Called": Carmelo Anthony on TikTok Debut, Knicks, and Teams' Interest

Exploring Carmelo Anthony's New Ventures Beyond Basketball.

by Faizan Chaudhary
The Pelicans Called": Carmelo Anthony on TikTok Debut, Knicks, and Teams' Interest
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Carmelo Anthony, the renowned former NBA star, has embarked on a new journey since retiring from professional basketball in 2022. He's stepping into the media spotlight with his upcoming podcast, "7 PM in Brooklyn," co-hosted with Joel Martinez, known as The Kid Mero.

This weekly show, set to air every Thursday, marks Anthony's intriguing foray into a post-playing career and is anticipated to feature candid discussions and insights into his life and opinions. The podcast, co-hosted by Martinez, who previously gained fame with the hit show Desus & Mero alongside Daniel Baker, is already generating buzz with its alluring content.

A recently released teaser has sparked interest, particularly among basketball fans and followers of Anthony's illustrious career. In an engaging snippet from the upcoming show, Anthony humorously responds to inquiries about a potential return to professional basketball.

Amidst laughter, he reveals that he received calls from teams, including the New Orleans Pelicans and a proposition from China. His choice to decline these offers, particularly the lucrative opportunity in China, underlines his commitment to his new ventures.

Pelicans' Pursuit of Anthony

The Pelicans' interest in Anthony is particularly noteworthy. His role as a potential off-the-bench shooter for this emerging team could have added a significant boost, especially in light of CJ McCollum's injury.

However, Anthony’s decision to pursue other interests signifies a new chapter in his life, away from the courts. Furthermore, the show promises to delve into Anthony's perspectives on the New York Knicks. Given his history with the team and the show's Brooklyn roots, discussions about the Knicks are expected to be a recurring theme.

In a lighthearted moment, Anthony and Mero, a proud New Yorker and Knicks fan, speculate on the significance of winning the inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament, humorously referring to the potential trophy as "Gary" in contrast to the coveted Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy.

This exploration of Anthony's views on the Knicks' prospects, especially given their long championship drought since 1973, adds an intriguing angle to the show. The Knicks, having reached the quarterfinals of the In-Season Tournament as an East wild card, face a formidable challenge against the Milwaukee Bucks.

"7 PM in Brooklyn" is shaping up to be a blend of sports insights, personal reflections, and humor, offering fans a unique window into Carmelo Anthony's life and thoughts post-retirement. As the show prepares for its debut, anticipation builds among fans eager to reconnect with one of basketball's most celebrated figures in this new, uncharted territory.

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