Klay Thompson Embraces Modern Era: 'I'm the Modern Reggie Miller'

Klay Thompson discusses his unique approach in recent interview.

by Nouman Rasool
Klay Thompson Embraces Modern Era: 'I'm the Modern Reggie Miller'
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In an era where the NBA landscape is constantly evolving, Golden State Warriors star guard Klay Thompson is making a bold comparison, aligning his style of play with that of a past great. Thompson, a pivotal figure in the Warriors' recent dominance, has likened his game to Reggie Miller, the legendary sharpshooter of the Indiana Pacers.

Growing up in the 90s and early 2000s, Thompson was immersed in an NBA filled with fierce competitors. His admiration for the late Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is well-documented. Bryant's relentless desire to win resonated deeply with Thompson.

However, when dissecting his style of play, Thompson sees a more precise parallel with Reggie Miller.

Thompson: Modern-Day Reggie

In a candid interview with Steve Smith on NBA TV, Thompson expressed his self-perception as the "modern-day Reggie." He praised Miller's tenacity and knack for unsettling opponents, qualities he feels mirror his approach to the game.

The comparison extends beyond mere admiration.

Both Thompson and Miller have etched their names in NBA history as elite three-point shooters known for their clutch performances in high-stakes games. Their psychological edge further highlights this similarity, a trait Gilbert Arenas attributes to Thompson as the "psychopath" of the Warriors.

Arenas elaborates that Thompson's indifference to game situations makes him exceptionally dangerous, particularly in comeback scenarios. Miller's legendary moments, such as scoring eight points in nine seconds against the New York Knicks in 1995 and his iconic choke gesture to film director Spike Lee, emphasize his ability to thrive under pressure.

These instances mirror Thompson's fearless demeanor on the court, exemplified in moments like his 60-point game on just 11 dribbles and his four-finger sign taunt to Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns. Thompson's recent involvement in an on-court scuffle, leading to Draymond Green's suspension, further solidifies his claim as a player who, like Miller, not only excels in skill but also in the mental and emotional facets of the game.

As the NBA continues to witness Thompson's career, the comparison with Reggie Miller offers a compelling narrative. His ability to impact games, not just through his shooting but also through his psychological warfare, cements his status as a unique force in modern basketball.

In embracing the legacy of Reggie Miller, Klay Thompson is not only paying homage to a past great but also carving out his distinct place in NBA history.

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