Warriors losing streak: Curry fears developing "losing mentality" in team


Warriors losing streak: Curry fears developing "losing mentality" in team
Warriors losing streak: Curry fears developing "losing mentality" in team © Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

After a sixth consecutive loss, Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry spoke to the media, sharing his thoughts on the team's recent struggles and the challenges they face. Curry acknowledged the tension and pressure that have been building within the team, particularly in light of their high expectations following their period of dominance in the NBA.

He emphasized the importance of addressing these issues before they fester and hinder the team's progress. "We have to solve the problem before the losing mentality starts to spread and develop," Curry stated. "It's difficult.

It's terrible when you lose games anywhere, especially at home. There are different challenges for us this season, and we will have to rise from it and become equal with others during the season." Despite the recent slump, Curry remains optimistic about the team's ability to turn things around.

He highlighted their strong performance in the third quarter against Oklahoma City, where they held a significant lead, before ultimately losing in overtime. "We all hate it when we look at that performance in the standings, but that doesn't mean we can't turn things around," Curry asserted.

Curry: The worst is losing at home

Curry also addressed the pressure that the team is facing, acknowledging that losing streaks can be detrimental to the overall mindset and performance of the players. He expressed a desire to avoid developing a "losing mentality" that could carry over throughout the season.

"After a losing streak, there's pressure for sure," Curry explained. "Anytime you lose a few games in a row, you have a problem that you have to fix. You don't want to develop that losing mentality and carry it over the whole season.

It's like a stink in the locker room, and you don't want to spread it." With six wins and eight losses, the Golden State Warriors are currently struggling to find their footing in the competitive NBA landscape. The pressure and tension within the team are palpable, and they are in desperate need of a win to ignite the passion and confidence of the players.