What's going on with Klay Thompson? He has never been in worse shape

He has a particularly bad three-point shot that graced him during his rich career

by Sededin Dedovic
What's going on with Klay Thompson? He has never been in worse shape
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Klay Thompson's performance has been underwhelming in the early stages of the 2023-2024 NBA season, sparking concerns about his decline and raising questions about his place among the league's elite players. Thompson's shooting accuracy has been particularly troubling, with a career-low three-point percentage of 32.9% through 13 games.

This marks a significant drop from his previous seasons, where he routinely shot above 40% from beyond the arc. His overall field goal percentage has also dipped to 40.1%, well below his career average of 44.0%. This decline in shooting efficiency has contributed to Thompson's reduced scoring output, averaging just 13.8 points per game, significantly lower than his usual 20-point per game average.

Thompson's struggles can partly be attributed to the two major injuries he sustained in recent years – a torn Achilles tendon and an anterior cruciate ligament tear. These injuries undoubtedly took a toll on his physical abilities, affecting his explosiveness and overall athleticism.

However, even with these limitations, Thompson's shooting prowess has been his defining characteristic throughout his career. His inability to rediscover his shooting touch raises concerns about his overall effectiveness on the court.

Thompson has already proven that he knows how to come back when everyone writes him off

Despite his current struggles, it's important to note that Thompson has a history of bouncing back from adversity. His resilience and determination have been instrumental in his past successes, and there's a possibility that he can turn things around as the season progresses.

Moreover, Thompson's defensive contributions have also diminished, reflecting the physical impact of his injuries. His once-aggressive and disruptive defensive presence has waned, making him less effective on both ends of the floor.

Despite his current struggles, it's unfair to label Thompson as "washed up." His contributions to the Warriors' dynasty and his impressive accomplishments, including four NBA championships, five All-Star selections, and a spot on the NBA's 75th Anniversary Team, cannot be overlooked.

While his performance may not currently reflect his past brilliance, Thompson's competitive spirit and determination should not be underestimated. It's possible that he can regain his form and contribute to the Warriors' success once again.

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