Giannis Antetokounmpo gifted pens as Bucks players hope he signs extension with team

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Giannis Antetokounmpo gifted pens as Bucks players hope he signs extension with team

Reigning NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo insists he is not too worried about his contract extension as he is confident his agent and the Milwaukee Bucks will work everything out in case he decided to stay in Wisconsin. The Bucks have offered a five-year, $228 supermax extension to Antetokounmpo and the Greek has until 21 December to sign the contract.

Antetokounmpo, 26, hasn't yet won a title with the Bucks and he has yet to decide whether he wants to stay in Milwaukee or chase title with another team. "I'm not focused on that," Antetokounmpo said, per ESPN.

"I know my agent, Alex [Saratsis], and [Bucks general manager] Jon Horst and the Bucks ownership are focusing on those discussions, but I'm just trying to focus on myself -- how I can get better, how I can help my teammates get better, how can we be ready Saturday to play our first preseason game? "I think about everything.

I think about Milwaukee. I think about my teammates. I think about my family. I think about what's the best decision for me, but that's pretty much it. Then, after that, I realize that I've got so far because I've focused on how I can improve every single day.

"I love the city of Milwaukee. I love the organization. I love my family to death. I love winning, but at the end of the day, I wouldn't be in this situation if I wasn't working hard, I wasn't winning games, I wasn't improving every day and I didn't have this mentality.

"So I can't change who I am, I cannot change this mentality, and I'm gonna focus on improving, and day by day, everything's gonna take care of itself. You guys probably are gonna know what's going on before I do.

That's what usually happens. You guys know more than me."

Bucks players badly want Antetokounmpo to stay

Bucks players gifted Antetokounmpo pens for his 26th birthday and the Greek got the message his teammates wanted to send him.

"At first, I didn't get it. Khris [Middleton] came in and gave me a pen, and I was like, 'Whoa, what is this?' I was looking at it and thinking about it, and then I realized that he wanted me to sign the contract," Antetokounmpo revealed.

"And it was just like, 'OK.' I laughed the first time, I laughed the second time, the third time, and then I got, like, 20 pens. So then it got a little bit old. I've got 20 pens in my locker room."