Receives $40M a year and doesnt play basketball:Ben Simmons will go on vacation again

The big soap opera continues around the basketball career of this Australian who arrived in the NBA as a huge talent and was selected from the first position in the draft

by Sededin Dedovic
Receives $40M a year and doesnt play basketball:Ben Simmons will go on vacation again
© Michael Reaves / Getty Images

Ben Simmons finds himself once again on the sidelines, adding another chapter to the ongoing drama that surrounds his basketball career. The Australian sensation entered the NBA with immense promise, securing the top spot in the draft ahead of notable players like Brandon Ingram, Jaylen Brown, Jamal Murray, Domantas Sabonis, Pascal Siakam, and Malcolm Brogdon.

However, his journey has been plagued by setbacks, leaving fans and analysts questioning the trajectory of this once-promising talent. Having participated in only six games this season, Simmons is now forced to take another break from the court.

This absence further extends a pattern that has characterized his career since the 2017/18 and 18/19 seasons, where he played as expected. However, in subsequent seasons, he consistently missed a significant portion, often sidelining himself for at least a third or even half of the games, as witnessed in the previous year.

The tally of matches he is set to miss this time is on track to reach double digits. Simmons' lackluster 6.9 points per game last season, coupled with persistent back issues and a confidence slump, fuel doubts about his value.

Earning a colossal $38,000,000 this season, escalating to over $40,000,000 next year, intensifies the scrutiny on the return his team receives on this significant investment. As he faces yet another hiatus, the narrative surrounding Ben Simmons increasingly revolves around the financial weight his absence carries for a player with a hefty salary and dwindling on-court contributions.

Philadelphia opted to part ways with Simmons, and his current team, Brooklyn, shows no haste in rushing his return to the court. Despite rumored interest from the Golden State Warriors, no trade materialized, leaving Simmons in a precarious position.

As one of the NBA's erstwhile greatest talents, his future now hangs in the balance, adding a layer of uncertainty to the narrative of a player who once held immense promise on the hardwood. The question lingers: Can Simmons overcome these challenges and reclaim his status among the league's elite? Only time will tell as the saga of Ben Simmons' basketball journey continues to unfold.