The NBA suspended Draymond Green, the other participants in the fight were fined

In the fight that broke out at the start of the game, Green strangled the opposing player Rudi Gober in MMA style

by Sededin Dedovic
The NBA suspended Draymond Green, the other participants in the fight were fined
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In a shocking turn of events during the recent Golden State Warriors' game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, star player Draymond Green found himself at the center of a controversy that led to a five-game suspension. The incident occurred just two minutes into the game, with the score tied at 0:0, as chaos erupted on the court, triggered by the altercations between Warriors' Clay Thompson and Timberwolves' Jaden McDaniels.

The skirmish escalated when Thompson and McDaniels engaged in a jersey-tugging showdown at midfield. Attempting to intervene and defuse the situation, Timberwolves' center Rudi Gobert stepped in. However, what unfolded next shocked fans and players alike.

Draymond Green, known for his tenacity on the court, took things to an extreme by employing an MMA-style stranglehold on Gobert. The altercation resulted in the ejection of three players—Thompson, McDaniels, and Gobert.

While they were slapped with fines amounting to $25,000 each for their roles in the brawl, Green faced more severe consequences. The league imposed a five-game suspension on Green, signaling a strong stance against his aggressive actions.

The fallout from the incident left both teams and fans grappling with the unexpected turn of events. The Warriors, missing one of their key players, faced an uphill battle in the subsequent games without Green's presence on the court.

Meanwhile, the Timberwolves managed to secure a 104-101 victory in the contentious match. The league's decision to suspend Green reflects its commitment to maintaining the integrity of the game and discouraging violent behavior on the court.

The incident serves as a reminder that emotions can sometimes boil over in the high-stakes world of professional sports, and the consequences for crossing the line can be severe. As the Warriors regroup without Green, the incident will undoubtedly prompt discussions about sportsmanship, player conduct, and the measures necessary to uphold the spirit of fair play in the NBA.

This reprimand and suspension for Draymond Green should serve as a stern reminder to all basketball players that violence has no place on the court, emphasizing the importance of maintaining sportsmanship and fair play.

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