Nuggets' Mike Malone Secures High-Paying Contract, Joining NBA's Elite Coaching Ranks

Currently earning $2 million per season, that figure is poised for a significant increase with the new contract

by Sededin Dedovic
Nuggets' Mike Malone Secures High-Paying Contract, Joining NBA's Elite Coaching Ranks
© Justin Edmonds / Getty Images

In a momentous decision, Coach Mike Malone of the Denver Nuggets has solidified his commitment to the team by agreeing to an extension, as reported by "ESPN." This move not only signifies continuity but also elevates Malone to the echelons of the highest-paid coaches in the NBA, underlining the pivotal role he played in leading the Colorado-based team to their historic triumph in the premier basketball league on the global stage.

Malone, a seasoned American coach, took charge of the Nuggets in 2015, marking his second stint as a head coach for an NBA franchise. His coaching journey traces back to 1994, starting as an assistant and steadily climbing the ranks.

From molding high school teams to steering college squads, Malone's trajectory includes significant stints with NBA franchises such as the Knicks, Cavaliers, Hornets, and Warriors. Under his guidance, the Denver Nuggets achieved an unprecedented feat, clinching their maiden NBA title with the stellar performance of Serbian basketball prodigy, Nikola Jokić.

The triumph not only etched Malone's name in the annals of NBA history but also warranted a reevaluation of his compensation. Currently earning $2,000,000 per season under his existing contract, Malone's new agreement is poised to significantly augment his financial standing, rightfully acknowledging the monumental success he brought to the Colorado franchise.

The extension, which was initially secured as a multi-year deal in March 2022, underscores the enduring partnership between Malone and the Nuggets, cementing their collaborative journey towards sustained excellence. Prior to the historic NBA title, Malone showcased his coaching prowess by being entrusted twice with leading the All-Star teams in 2019 and 2023.

These accolades, coupled with the recent championship, position Malone as a coaching luminary, shaping the destiny of the Denver Nuggets and etching his legacy in the competitive realm of professional basketball. Undoubtedly, the contract extension for Coach Malone is a source of joy for fans and players alike.

His leadership style not only garners immense respect but also cultivates a positive and harmonious atmosphere within the team, contributing to their collective success and cohesion on and off the court. Denver has started the current season very well.