Pelicans' Zion Williamson: No plans to put me on minutes restriction

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Pelicans' Zion Williamson: No plans to put me on minutes restriction

New Orleans Pelicans forward Zion Williamson revealed that he won't start the season on minutes restriction and he couldn't be happier about that. Williamson, who was taken by the Pelicans at No. 1 in the 2019 NBA draft, missed a number of games last season because of injuries.

However, Williamson did manage to still play in a solid number of games but still his action was limited as he was put to minutes restriction. "Me and [Pelicans] coach [Stan] Van Gundy have talked and from what I know now, there are no restrictions.

None," Williamson said, per ESPN. When asked how happy he was about that, Williamson said: "Of course. I love to play basketball. With no restrictions? Why wouldn't I love that?" Williamson played six games in the NBA's Florida bubble, before being shut down by the Pelicans for the final two games.

"I think it definitely will be different because, well, it was tough, man. When you're going through rehab and when you're finally able to step on the court, three minutes goes by, four minutes by and ... you gotta get subbed out.

It was a lot," Williamson said. "I tried to make the most of the situation and I think I did the best that I possibly could. But it's going to be a lot different."

Williamson determined to help the Pelicans win

The Pelicans entered last season aiming to at least make the playoffs.

Unfortunately for the Pelicans, that didn't happen as they made a slow start to the season and eventually failed to make the postseason. "I want to show that I'm a basketball player. I'll do whatever the team needs me to do on offense or defense no matter what it is to win.

I'm just a competitor," Williamson said. "When I'm healthy and competing, I'm just a different kind of player. I think that's the player everyone fell in love with. This season, Williamson wants more wins as he says losing just isn't gun.

"If we want to be winners, we have to do things outside the norm or uncomfortable for us. That's where being professional comes into play," Williamson said. "Losing is just not fun. It's needed because it makes you better.

What don't break you will make you. That's a part of ups and downs. But if we want to win, we have to remember what we've been through and stay steady onto the winner's mindset."