Wizards' Russell Westbrook: I'm not trying to make friends on court

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Wizards' Russell Westbrook: I'm not trying to make friends on court

Washington Wizards guard Russell Westbrook has underlined that he will keep playing the game on the way he has always played but noted that he thinks that he is a bit of a misunderstood person. Westbrook, who was traded to the Houston Rockets in the summer of 2019, spent only one season in Houston as this week he was traded to Washington in an exchange for John Wall.

"Where do you want me to start?" Westbrook said asked about what is most misunderstood about him, per ESPN. "Well listen, I think the underlying thing about that is 90%, 100% is not even true. "Because a lot of times, the things that are made up, people don't actually know me to be able to say anything about me or what I am about or what I believe in.

... The biggest thing for me is just kind of going and being myself, which is easy because being myself, I can be genuine and loyal and understanding. Obviously, I am not the easiest guy to understand, whatever, watch play, whatever people may think."

Westbrook underlines his full focus is on winning

Westbrook, a nine-time NBA All Star and the 2017 NBA MVP, is considered as one of the biggest competitors in the league. Westbrook is extremely passionate and he brings a lot of energy to the floor in each game.

"The way I play the game kind of misconstrues people of who I am as a person, who I am and what I believe in and what I stand for," Westbrook said. "Obviously, how I play and off the floor are two different people.

When I am on the floor, I don't have any friends, I am not trying to be friendly, I'm trying to bust somebody's ass. I ain't got time to try to shake hands and do all that. I don't have time for it, and I am never changing that."

Westbrook failed to win a title with Kevin Durant in Oklahoma, didn't win it all win James Harden in Houston but he is hoping to change that with his new star teammate Bradley Beal. "I'm super excited about it," Westbrook said.

"Brad is a superstar talent. ... My job is to come in and continue to uplift and push him to be better. That is all I am here for. I am happy to be his counterpart and try to make it easier for him."