Lillard's Disastrous Game Again, Atalanta Dominated Away From Home in Milwaukee


Lillard's Disastrous Game Again, Atalanta Dominated Away From Home in Milwaukee
Lillard's Disastrous Game Again, Atalanta Dominated Away From Home in Milwaukee © Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

The Atlanta Hawks delivered an impressive performance, securing a convincing 127-110 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks in a crucial away game, marking their first win in the new NBA season. A standout player in this remarkable victory was Bogdan Bogdanovic, who, alongside Young, played a pivotal role for the Hawks.

The Hawks managed to overcome the Milwaukee team, even though they were playing away from home and facing the absence of Chris Middleton due to injury. Atlanta's triumph could be attributed to their strong start in the game.

Right from the first quarter, they showcased their offensive prowess, finding solutions that translated into easy points. Notably, the "Hawks" center, Clint Capela, shone brightly during this period. In the first half, Milwaukee made attempts at zone defense on several occasions.

However, Snyder's team responded with precision three-point shooting, punishing Milwaukee for their strategy. The three-point shooting made a significant difference in the game. By halftime, Atlanta had successfully made over nine of their 21 three-point attempts, whereas Milwaukee managed to convert only three out of 22.

Giannis Antetokounmpo was the top scorer of Bucks with 26 points

Milwaukee entered the second half facing a daunting 21-point deficit, and as the third period began, it was evident that they could not bridge that gap, even after several unsuccessful offensive plays.

The guests maintained a high level of intensity throughout the final quarter and, at one point, managed to stretch their lead to a maximum of 31 points, demonstrating their dominance in the game. In the Atlanta team, Trae Young played a pivotal role, leading with 20 points and 11 assists.

Bogdanović contributed significantly with 17 points and six assists, while Deandre Hunter and Dejonte Marie added 15 points each. For the Milwaukee team, Giannis Antetokounmpo was the top scorer with 26 points, and Beasley chipped in with 18.

Unfortunately, Damian Lillard had a challenging night. He spent 30 minutes on the court, shooting only two of 12 from the field and scoring a mere six points. Lillard, known for his scoring ability, faced a rare off night, which was a setback for the Milwaukee Bucks in this game.

The Atlanta Hawks' victory was a significant milestone for their season, setting the tone for their performance in the NBA. Their dominance on the court, especially in three-point shooting, demonstrated their potential to be a formidable contender in the league this season.