Larsa Pippen Stuns in $95 Nile Queen Catsuit for Halloween with Marcus Jordan


Larsa Pippen Stuns in $95 Nile Queen Catsuit for Halloween with Marcus Jordan
© The Fumble/YouTube

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan, two prominent personalities with deep ties to the basketball world, have been capturing the public’s attention with their blossoming relationship. The duo recently celebrated Halloween in style, with Larsa opting for an exquisite Nile Queen Catsuit outfit, showcasing their joyful moments together.

In a candid Instagram story, Larsa, the 49-year-old ex-wife of NBA legend Scottie Pippen, flaunted her stunning attire, capturing the essence of the Halloween spirit. The video also featured Marcus, the son of basketball icon Michael Jordan, as they shared an intimate dinner, enveloping the evening in romance.

The dazzling Nile Queen Catsuit, sourced from the renowned online costume store Leg Avenue, is tagged at a modest $95, a small price for such an eye-catching ensemble. Larsa’s choice of outfit not only highlighted her impeccable taste but also added a touch of royal elegance to the Halloween celebrations.

Romantic Blossoms Unfold

Larsa and Marcus have been navigating the seas of romance since last year, and their relationship has blossomed ever since. Despite the high-profile nature of their respective backgrounds, Michael Jordan has maintained a respectful silence on the matter, giving the couple the space to flourish independently.

Both Larsa and Marcus are optimistic about their future together, envisioning a lifelong commitment on the horizon. With her roots tracing back to West Asia, Larsa brings a rich cultural heritage to the table. Born to a Syrian father and a Lebanese mother, she has carved a niche for herself in the media landscape, notably as one of the original members of the reality series "The Real Housewives of Miami." Beyond her television endeavors, Larsa is a savvy businesswoman, bringing a unique blend of glamour and entrepreneurial spirit to her ventures.

Her marriage to Scottie Pippen in 1997 was a significant chapter in her life, culminating in an amicable separation in 2016 and a finalized divorce in 2021. The couple shares four children, including Scotty Jr., who has followed in his father's footsteps with a burgeoning basketball career.

Marcus Jordan, 32, represents the next generation of the Jordan legacy. As the middle child of Michael Jordan and his former wife Juanita Vanoy, Marcus has experienced the world of basketball from close quarters, playing at both high school and collegiate levels.

Though he chose not to pursue a professional basketball career, he successfully earned a degree in hospitality management from the University of Central Florida.