Will Hassan Whiteside Replace Dwight Howard in $1M Taiwan Deal?

Trouble looms as serious allegations threaten a star's career.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Will Hassan Whiteside Replace Dwight Howard in $1M Taiwan Deal?
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In a turn of events that has sent shockwaves through the basketball community, Dwight Howard's tenure with the Taiwan Beer Leopards appears to be hanging by a thread. Reports from Taiwan News indicate that the team is leaning towards replacing Howard with fellow former NBA player Hassan Whiteside, amidst ongoing s*xual assault allegations against Howard.

The Leopards initially had plans to re-sign Howard, hoping to bolster their roster with his experience and skill. However, negotiations hit a snag over financial terms, and the recent s*xual assault accusations have only complicated matters further.

With a lucrative $1 million contract at stake, the Taiwan team seems poised to part ways with the former NBA champion and bring in Whiteside as their new foreign player. Yan Xing-shu, the team's COO, has confirmed that discussions with Whiteside are progressing positively, though nothing has been finalized yet.

"We have contacted the other party and they have responded positively. Although it has not been finalized, please wait for the good news," Yan told Innnews, as reported by Taiwan News.

Allegations Against Howard

The s*xual assault allegations against Howard stem from an incident that allegedly occurred in 2021.

A Georgia resident has filed a civil lawsuit, accusing Howard of s*xual assault. The Associated Press reports that the incident was brought to the police's attention in the summer of 2022, though no charges have been filed against Howard.

The lawsuit details a harrowing experience, with the plaintiff feeling "violated" and "humiliated". Howard has since vehemently denied the allegations, insisting that any s*xual activity was consensual. This legal turmoil casts a long shadow over Howard's basketball career, potentially costing him dearly as he nears retirement.

The future with the Leopards seems uncertain at best. On the other hand, Whiteside has remained silent on the reports linking him to a move to Taiwan. Having played overseas recently, such a move wouldn’t be completely unexpected.

The 34-year-old has a varied career, playing in the NBA, G-League, and internationally. Although he would prefer a return to the NBA, the lack of interest from teams leaves playing overseas as his most viable option, with the Taiwan Beer Leopards possibly being his next destination.

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