Is Victor Wembanyama the Next NBA Superstar? Paul Pierce and Skip Bayless Weigh In


Is Victor Wembanyama the Next NBA Superstar? Paul Pierce and Skip Bayless Weigh In
Is Victor Wembanyama the Next NBA Superstar? Paul Pierce and Skip Bayless Weigh In © Ethan Miller/GettyImages

In his highly-anticipated NBA debut for the San Antonio Spurs against the Dallas Mavericks, Victor Wembanyama found himself entangled in a whirlwind of public opinion. Although he had showcased his immense talent in the preseason, his opening-night performance against Luka Dončić and company left many wondering if he was truly ready for the NBA.

Criticism poured in as Wembanyama spent significant time on the bench, plagued by foul trouble rather than driving the Spurs' offense. Social media was awash with fans questioning if he was yet another rookie unable to live up to the hype.

However, NBA legend Paul Pierce offered a contrasting view on "The Undisputed," the popular sports debate show. Pierce emphasized the transition from preseason to regular season play, acknowledging that starters' minutes increase while matchups against the league’s premier talents become more frequent.

The Boston Celtics icon lauded Wembanyama's efforts, stating, “In the minutes he got, he was impressive. He's still adjusting to the NBA's officiating and physicality, but showed Zion [Williamson]-esque flashes in the fourth quarter”.

Foul Trouble

Wembanyama indeed gave the San Antonio crowd something to cheer about in the first quarter, posting six points and two rebounds. However, fouls led to coach Gregg Popovich pulling him from the court, with minimal playing time in the subsequent two quarters.

He returned in the final period, swiftly committing his fifth foul, drawing further ire on social media. Despite the rocky start, Popovich demonstrated confidence in his rookie, allowing him to play through the foul trouble.

Wembanyama, often likened to generational talents like LeBron James, proved why, scoring nine critical points in the final seven minutes and nearly steering the Spurs to a comeback victory. Post-game, Wembanyama was realistic about his performance.

“We’re still learning," he said. "It’s only our first regular season game. We’ll analyze the tape, and everyone, coaches and players alike, will do what it takes to improve”. Paul Pierce went even further, predicting a dazzling future for the rookie.

“Defensively, he’s already a standout. This guy could easily be Rookie of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year, all in one season,” Pierce said.

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