NBA Teams Avoid Dwight Howard Due to Legal Issues: Stephen A. Smith


NBA Teams Avoid Dwight Howard Due to Legal Issues: Stephen A. Smith
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Stephen A. Smith, a prominent sports analyst, recently voiced his candid opinions on Dwight Howard’s absence from the NBA, attributing it directly to the ongoing sexual assault case surrounding the athlete. Smith, known for his straightforward and often controversial takes, expressed his disdain for the situation and the cloud of uncertainty it has cast over Howard’s potential return to the league.

In a recent episode of his popular YouTube podcast, Smith delved into the gritty details of the case, not shying away from expressing his disgust. He stated emphatically, “That's why teams didn't want you. Whether (teams) would admit it or not… But I the first thought that came to my mind 'that's why they don't want (Dwight)." Smith went on to provide insider knowledge on the matter, elucidating why NBA teams might be hesitant to sign the three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year despite his undeniable skills on the court.

“It is not in the realm of comprehension… that a team was not looking to bring Dwight Howard on board and then found out through their investigative process, because they investigate everything, that he had this court situation coming down the pipe," Smith explained.

Legacy and Legal Troubles

In addition to his insights on the current situation, Smith also touched upon Howard’s potential legacy within the NBA. He highlighted how Howard could have possibly made it onto the NBA's 75th Anniversary list, celebrating the league’s greatest players.

However, Howard’s current legal troubles have made the argument for his exclusion more justifiable. “That's a debate," Smith said about the possibility of choosing Howard over Anthony Davis for the 75th Anniversary Team, adding, “I guess we could answer the question assuming that any of us can bring ourselves to talk about basketball when we're talking about Dwight Howard from this day forward in the light of the headlines he is in right now." As this news continues to develop, Smith’s commentary has undoubtedly added another layer to the conversation, encouraging fans and experts alike to consider the impact of off-court issues on an athlete’s career and legacy.

With his unique blend of passion, knowledge, and candor, Smith has once again managed to capture the sports world’s attention, leaving audiences eager to see how this story will unfold.

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