Rockets HC Stephen Silas: I'm giving James Harden time to think about his future

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Rockets HC Stephen Silas: I'm giving James Harden time to think about his future

Houston Rockets coach Stephen Silas reveals he hasn't been talking much with James Harden in recent time as he has decided to give his team's superstar time and space to think about his future. This offseason, it was reported that Harden wanted out of Houston and that his preferred option was to join Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in the Brooklyn Nets uniform.

So far, the Rockets have been against trading Harden as they hope the disgruntled superstar will have a change of heart and fully commit to the franchise going forward. "When stuff like this kind of happens where there's a little indecision and stuff going on, I kind of take a step back and allow guys some space," Silas said, per ESPN.

"From my perspective, my communication has been, 'I'm giving you space,' and that's kind of where it's been as far as my communication with him. Guys like that need that. They need to figure it out, and they don't need someone banging on them all the time to kind of figure out where they're at and whatnot."

Silas says Harden will still be the guy

This offseason, the Rockets said goodbye to 2017 NFL MVP Russell Westbrook but added 2010 No. 1 John Wall, four-time NBA All Star DeMarcus Cousins and rising star Christian Wood to the team.

"Everybody is excited about the possibilities that we have," Silas said, "us having multiple ways to play on both ends of the floor and having the talent of DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall and Christian Wood to meld with the previous guys that were on the team.

"James is going to have the ball a lot, like he has in the past. Like I said, we're not going to change things so drastically that the offense isn't going to be as effective as it has in the past. We're going to try to change things to make it a little bit more diverse, but he's going to have the ball quite a bit."

The new NBA season is set to start on 22 December and Rockets coach Silas hopes Harden will be fully committed to the team once time comes for the training camp. "I'm confident that he'll be all-in," Silas said.

"That's where I'm leaving it. As I said, I'm giving him his space to do his thing, but I'm confident that he'll be here when we get started."