Austin Reaves Dubs LeBron James 'LeNickname' in IG Live, Sparks Hilarious Fan Frenzy


Austin Reaves Dubs LeBron James 'LeNickname' in IG Live, Sparks Hilarious Fan Frenzy
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In just his third season in the National Basketball Association (NBA), Austin Reaves has managed to establish a solid relationship with LeBron James, a player many consider to be one of the greatest of all time. Typically, newcomers to the league and the locker room tend to approach veterans, particularly 19-time All-Stars like James, with a considerable degree of reverence.

However, past teammates of LeBron have often noted that he leads with a fun-loving and approachable demeanor. Recently, Austin Reaves brought a light-hearted moment to LeBron James' Instagram Live session. While LeBron was sharing his NFL predictions, Reaves chimed in with a playful comment: "Lepickem back at it." This moment caught NBA fans off guard, as they were usually the ones creating and sharing jokes about LeBron's 'LeNickname'

The incident highlighted the playful atmosphere within the LA Lakers’ locker room, and fans were quick to share their reactions on social media. Comments ranged from laughter and surprise to jokes and playful banter.

Some expressed their amusement at discovering that 'LeNickname' jokes were prevalent even among LeBron’s teammates, while others took the opportunity to poke fun at the Lakers' prospects for the upcoming season.

Reaves' Momentous Photo Op

Amidst the whirlwind of media activities during the LA Lakers' media day, Austin Reaves found himself in a special position.

As LeBron James and Anthony Davis prepared for a joint photo, Reaves was unexpectedly invited to join them, marking a significant moment in his career. Reaves did his best to stay composed, although he acknowledged the immense importance of the moment.

James and Davis quickly welcomed him into the fold, symbolically establishing him as a key member of the Lakers' Big Three. For Reaves, this was a testament to his journey and perseverance in the NBA, as he solidified his place among the elite players of the team.

In delivering this story, we’ve aimed to capture the playful spirit of the LA Lakers' locker room, the strong bonds between teammates, and Austin Reaves' remarkable journey in the NBA. Our goal is to engage our readers with captivating content that reflects the camaraderie and unique moments that define the world of professional basketball.

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