Billionaire Ambitions: Westbrook's Wealth Skyrockets by $175M Post-Interview


Billionaire Ambitions: Westbrook's Wealth Skyrockets by $175M Post-Interview
Billionaire Ambitions: Westbrook's Wealth Skyrockets by $175M Post-Interview © Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Renowned for his dynamic presence on the basketball court, Russell Westbrook is setting his sights on ambitious goals beyond the game. As we find ourselves on the cusp of the 2023-24 NBA season, it is evident that Westbrook’s attention is not solely confined to the court; he is deeply immersed in a myriad of business ventures, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

A mere few months following his bold declaration to ascend to billionaire status, his net worth has witnessed a remarkable surge. In collaboration with the Jordan brand, Westbrook has launched a sports and lifestyle line, but his entrepreneurial prowess doesn’t end there.

His personal fashion label, Honor The Gift, stands as a testament to his business acumen. However, it is his lesser-known investments that have truly catalyzed the $175 million growth in his business portfolio, escalating from $200 million in 2022 to a staggering $375 million, as per the latest evaluations by Forbes.

Diversified Investment Portfolio

Westbrook’s investment portfolio is diverse, encompassing brands such as Magic Spoon, Pizzana, Poppi, Triller, and Hyperice. His most recent venture? Acquiring an auto-parts manufacturing company—a sector he acknowledges may lack allure, yet promises substantial financial returns.

In a candid conversation with Forbes back in May, Westbrook shared, “I want to be a billionaire. Sooner than later. ... It’s what I want to be. In the business realm, that is a pinnacle that people where I come from don’t make it to”.

He further expressed his desire to leave a lasting impact on the underserved communities in Los Angeles, aiming to be synonymous with positive change in the region. Examining his trajectory and drawing parallels with other athletes who have reached the coveted billionaire milestone, the question emerges: Is Westbrook poised to join this exclusive club? With $340 million amassed from NBA contracts and a robust portfolio of endorsements and business investments, he is undoubtedly on the right path.

However, achieving billionaire status is no small feat. Forbes’ projections suggest a 20-year journey ahead for Westbrook to reach this financial pinnacle. Awaiting him in the billionaire echelon are iconic figures such as Michael Jordan, whose net worth has surged following the sale of the Charlotte Hornets; Tiger Woods, a legendary figure in golf; and LeBron James, the latest entrant to the billionaire athletes’ club.

While Westbrook may not boast a global brand empire like Jordan or a lifetime contract with Nike akin to LeBron, his unparalleled passion and dedication are evident. Even amidst the rigors of the NBA season, he remains actively engaged with his business ventures, as noted by his business partner in the Forbes interview.

With the potential of stepping away from the basketball court in the future, Westbrook will find himself with ample opportunity to channel his energies towards achieving his billionaire aspiration, marking his journey in the world of business with the same fervor he displays on the basketball court.