2023-24 NBA: Bradley Beal's Fantasy Forecast with Suns


2023-24 NBA: Bradley Beal's Fantasy Forecast with Suns
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As the 2023-24 NBA season beckons, Bradley Beal has found a new haven with the Phoenix Suns, forming a formidable trio alongside Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. Together, they represent the Suns' dynamic championship aspirations.

Although Beal, a three-time NBA All-Star, is anticipated to face the steepest learning curve among them, adapting to this reshaped lineup, early indicators suggest otherwise. Previously, fantasy enthusiasts could snag Beal in the second round, yet recent Yahoo!

rankings place him 60th. In a typical 12-team fantasy draft, this demotes him to a potential fifth or sixth-round pick. However, preseason insights offer an optimistic view. Demonstrating impressive synergy with Durant and Booker, Beal's role as a co-playmaker is evident.

Consequently, his assists average of 5.4 per game from last season is poised for an uptick, even if his scoring average marginally decreases. When navigating this juncture of the draft, alternatives to Beal are diverse and hinge on team needs.

Higher picks might lead you to talents like Aleperen Sengun, Tyrese Maxey, Zion Williamson, or Julius Randle. Meanwhile, the likes of Josh Giddey, Paolo Banchero, Cam Johnson, Rudy Gobert, and Chris Paul lie just below him.

Navigating the Bradley Beal Fantasy Conundrum

Being the 60th overall pick in Yahoo! Fantasy implies a tactical approach. At this stage, rosters likely prioritize rebounds and blocks. Beal, then, can be the secondary assist provider, especially if you've already secured Tyrese Haliburton or Trae Young.

Beal's core strength lies in his shooting prowess. Given the Suns' floor-spacing strategy, expect an elevation in his three-pointers and overall shooting efficiency. Additionally, his reliable free throws might offset shortcomings if you've previously opted for players like Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Yet, caution is advised. Beal's health remains a point of concern. Over the past four campaigns, he's graced the court in just 207 out of 334 potential games—a mere 62%. Trend analysis suggests that the Suns might adopt a load management approach with Beal, especially as the postseason nears.