Michael Jordan $80M Yacht 'Joy' Incurs Staggering $800K Weekly Upkeep

From basketball courts to billionaire status, Michael Jordan ascends.

by Nouman Rasool
Michael Jordan $80M Yacht 'Joy' Incurs Staggering $800K Weekly Upkeep
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Michael Jordan, globally recognized as a basketball legend, has transitioned into the world of opulent leisure with his acquisition of the $80 million superyacht 'Joy.' Stretching 230 feet in length and 10 feet in width, this floating mansion boasts eight luxury cabins, an indoor Jacuzzi, a full-fledged movie theater, a dedicated spa, and an exquisite dining area.

A penthouse suite, personal office, and a terrace with sweeping ocean views add to the vessel's grandeur. Tailored to Jordan's athletic interests, the yacht even includes a basketball court and gym facility. Operating this nautical paradise doesn't come cheap; Jordan incurs an eye-watering $800,000 in weekly maintenance fees, equating to around $3.2 million a month.

The jaw-dropping cost covers the salary and expenses of a 19-member crew essential for the yacht's upkeep. For those eager to experience 'Joy,' the yacht is available for rent at a weekly rate of $840,000.

Michael Jordan Joins Forbes 400

Jordan's staggering wealth has not gone unnoticed; he recently joined the prestigious Forbes 400 list, solidifying his status as one of America's wealthiest individuals.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Jordan has also been making waves in the competitive world of fishing. At the 32nd MidAtlantic fishing tournament, his boat 'Catch 23' secured a third-place finish with a 75-pound catch, earning a substantial cash prize of $462,318.

Weather conditions proved challenging, but Jordan's competitive spirit remained undeterred. This sporting icon also made headlines by selling the Charlotte Hornets for a whopping $3 billion, adding another layer to his burgeoning financial portfolio.

Through ventures like the 23XI Racing team, and his recent foray into fishing, Jordan continues to demonstrate that his competitive edge extends far beyond the basketball court. This well-rounded empire of athletics, enterprise, and luxurious indulgences highlights how Michael Jordan remains a key player in both sports and business, his name synonymous with success.

His every move, whether on the sea or in the boardroom, captures the public's attention, underscoring his perpetual relevance in multiple arenas.

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