James Harden "Fat Suit" Saga Continues: Star to Stay with Sixers on Opening Night

Harden's history of team discontent surfaces once again.

by Nouman Rasool
James Harden "Fat Suit" Saga Continues: Star to Stay with Sixers on Opening Night
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As the 2023-24 NBA season dawns, the cloud of drama surrounding James Harden and the Philadelphia 76ers refuses to disperse. With fans eagerly waiting, Harden is yet to set foot on the court for a preseason game with the Sixers, intensifying speculations about his rift with the franchise.

The ongoing Harden saga is now a focal point for NBA enthusiasts, many of whom are expressing exhaustion with the recurrence of such episodes. Jake Fischer of Yahoo! Sports disclosed that Harden's current desire is to sport the LA Clippers jersey.

Nevertheless, the Clippers remain hesitant, unwilling to trade Terance Mann, their promising star, for the veteran Harden. This trading quandary deepens as the Sixers are prepping Harden for a preseason appearance against the Atlanta Hawks this Friday.

The overarching question that looms: how will the off-court turbulence affect Philadelphia's on-court synergy?

James Harden's Repeat Drama

It's not lost on NBA fans that this isn't Harden's maiden dance with discontentment.

He previously sought exits from the Houston Rockets and Brooklyn Nets, and the saga has now unfolded in Philadelphia. Fans have taken to social media to express their views, with humorous jabs like "Fat suit Harden returning???" and observations about the Clippers' unexpected reluctance to trade a less-prolific player like Mann for an MVP like Harden.

One fan remarked, "Why are the Clippers so protective of Terrance Mann? Averaging 8 points per game doesn't equate to PG or Kawhi." Amid this whirlwind, Tyrese Maxey stands out as a beacon of positivity. Despite the lack of a rookie max extension and uncertainty regarding his role in the next season, Maxey remains unfazed.

His bond with Harden appears unshaken, as he mentioned to Fischer. "Me and James are still close," Maxey expressed, further adding, "He's like a big brother to me. From day one, he took me under his wing, mentored me, and has significantly uplifted my game."

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