Dennis Schroder: I think Lakers borough me in so LeBron James could play off ball

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Dennis Schroder: I think Lakers borough me in so LeBron James could play off ball

German guard Dennis Schroder has noted that he wants to be a starter this season and he is confident that the Los Angeles Lakers could benefit from having him at the starting point guard position. Schroder, who finished second to Montrezl Harrell for the Sixth Man of the Year last season, was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Lakers this offseason.

"I did this off-the-bench stuff already in two years with OKC," Schroder said, per ESPN. "I think I try to move forward, and I think with [Anthony Davis] and LeBron, I can be helpful as a starter in the PG position."

Schroder revealed he hasn't talked with the Lakers about his desire to be a starter next season but added that his agent made that known when the Purple and Gold were discussing a trade with the Thunder. "I think my agent talked to the organization before they was trading me," Schroder said.

"So, that's that."

Schroder thinks his presence will make life easier for LeBron James

James, who is set to turn 36 this month, put a lot of responsibility on his back last season and it paid off as he captured his fourth NBA Championship.

"LeBron don't have [to have] so much stuff in his mind," Schroder said. "I can bring it up, call a set play or whatever and put him in a position to score. I think him to play off-the-ball, I mean, is I think great.

I think that's the reason why they brought me in." When asked about what the future holds, Schroder insisted he is focused only on this upcoming season: "End of the day, I just try to focus on this year," Schroder said.

"But if it's a fair deal and everything goes right, then, of course, I think long term. But I just try to lock in now for this season, take it day by day and let's see if we come to an agreement on that."

The Lakers, one of the most popular teams in the NBA, tied the Boston Celtics for the most NBA titles won after claiming a 17th NBA Championship last season. "It's an honor to be here in this organization," Schroder said.

"I think they brought me in for a reason. You know, we'll try to get the repeat. I think for this organization, winning 17 championships, this history is big-time. And to be in the biggest platform in the NBA, biggest team, biggest organization, I think I'm excited. I'm honored that I'm here. And I can't wait to get started."