Gilbert Arenas Mocks Giannis for Hakeem-Olajuwon Training

Arenas questions the value of Giannis's off-season mentorship.

by Nouman Rasool
Gilbert Arenas Mocks Giannis for Hakeem-Olajuwon Training
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In a buzz-worthy moment, Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks recently trained with NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwon to refine his post-up skills. Giannis, renowned for his one-on-one training sessions with icons like Kevin Garnett and the late Kobe Bryant, decided this offseason to call upon "The Dream" to improve his game.

However, not everyone was thrilled about this alliance, especially Gilbert Arenas. Upon hearing that Olajuwon was charging a jaw-dropping $50,000 per training session, Arenas did not mince words. The former NBA star criticized Olajuwon for "ripping off" today's players, questioning the value of such expensive mentorship.

Giannis's Training Scrutinized

Giannis's preseason debut against the LA Lakers brought the training under scrutiny. An attempted post move, clearly inspired by Olajuwon's legendary footwork, ended up looking, in fans' words, 'ugly.'

Arenas chimed in with a succinct "Travel" accompanied by laughing emojis, further fueling the debate on the efficacy of this high-profile training. The game itself was a mixed bag for the "Greek Freak." Despite an awkward moment in executing Olajuwon's signature move, Giannis showed his innate athleticism in other instances.

Specifically, he outmaneuvered Lakers' defenders Christian Wood and Anthony Davis with a baseline slam early in the first quarter. While his power moves seem unstoppable, questions remain about Giannis's finesse and footwork in the post, something that even Olajuwon's expertise hasn't yet polished.

As the Bucks prepare for the upcoming season, Giannis appears to be in peak form, notwithstanding a few rough edges. The Bucks carefully managed his preseason time, pairing him with new star point guard Damian Lillard for the first time against the Lakers.

Giannis ended the night with 16 points, eight rebounds, and one assist in just 15 minutes of play. He shot an impressive 7-10 from the field, including a three-pointer. Following last season's disappointing loss to the eighth-seeded Miami Heat in the playoffs, the Bucks have high aspirations.

With a robust line-up featuring Giannis and Lillard, they are looking to reclaim their top-seed glory and go deeper into the postseason. Giannis, a two-time MVP, will certainly be at the forefront of that charge, whether or not his footwork reaches "Dream" standards.

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