Kehlani Supports Palestine; Ex Kyrie Irving Reacts Amid Israel Conflict

Singer Kehlani shakes the discourse on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

by Nouman Rasool
Kehlani Supports Palestine; Ex Kyrie Irving Reacts Amid Israel Conflict
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midst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, notable figures in the sports and entertainment industries are making their stances known. One such person is singer Kehlani, who is also the ex-girlfriend of NBA star Kyrie Irving.

In a recent Instagram story, Kehlani vociferously expressed her support for Palestine and challenged the silence of other celebrities on the issue. Kehlani stated, "To my peers and people that are in the spaces I'm in, what the is wrong with y'all? You're being silent for the sake of money and business, like that amounts to what the fck is going on.

There's an insane amount of unchecked privilege on display, and it is gut-wrenching. It is disgusting."

Kehlani's Bold Stance

The boldness of Kehlani's remarks is amplified by the fact that this most recent escalation of violence was initiated by Hamas, a Palestinian organization deemed a terrorist group by multiple countries, including the United States.

Nonetheless, the singer chose to focus on the rising death toll in Palestine, which reportedly reached approximately 1,800 people. The Israel-Palestine conflict is deeply rooted, dating back to 1948 and forming a part of the broader Arab-Israeli struggle.

Gaza, specifically, has been a battleground for centuries, embroiled in historical and political complexities. Kyrie Irving, who previously faced scrutiny for sharing anti-Semitic content online, issued his own statement following Israel's declaration of war on Hamas.

"My heart mourns for all of the innocent lives lost in the crossfires of war. GOD never intended for humanity to destroy one another," Irving said. The Dallas Mavericks were among the NBA teams that openly showed their support for Israel after Hamas' recent attacks.

The NBA also condemned the violence, labeling it an "inhumane assault" that led to the deaths of hundreds. As for Irving and Kehlani's past relationship, the pair briefly dated back in 2016 and were embroiled in a controversy involving accusations of cheating with Canadian rapper PartyNextDoor. Irving later defended Kehlani, stating that she did not cheat on him and calling for an end to the lingering rumors.

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