Amazing play by Victor Wembanyama in San Antonio's win against Miami

Victor Wembanyama can certainly grow into the best in the world in the future

by Sededin Dedovic
Amazing play by Victor Wembanyama in San Antonio's win against Miami
© Ronald Cortes / Getty Images

The new NBA season has barely started, and the preparatory games are being held extensively. The basketball players of San Antonio beat Miami on their court with a score of 120:104 in the preparatory match of the NBA League.

San Antonio's great game heralds their good game next season, and the main star of the evening was young Victor Wembanyama, who led the Spurs with 23 points, four rebounds and the same number of assists. This was the first triumph for the team from Texas since the arrival of the young Frenchman, who had great help from Vasel (21p), as well as Barlow (11p), and Osman and Sočan, who scored 10 points each.

Miami didn't have enough players, including Nikola Jovic, who was rested by Erik Spoelstra. Of those who played this game, Kane was the best with 24 points and 10 rebounds, Duncan Robinson added 14 with five assists, Smit 13, Orlando Robinson 12, while Swajder scored 11 points.

We have to admit that Miami looked very good the whole game, only at the end did San Antonio make a few good runs and win. The score changed throughout the game, and Miami led many times, so that San Antonio broke the resistance of the rivals with series of 6:0 and 7:0 in the last part.

Golden State beat the Lakers for the second time in six days

Another match was played there and Golden State narrowly beat the Los Angeles Lakers 129:125 in a very attractive match. The Warriors achieved victory with a 5:0 run in the final 30 seconds, when Jackson-Davis, Kuminga and Podziemski scored from the penalty line.

Several players were in high spirits and in the end they brought Golden State the win. The most deserving were Kuminga with 26 points, Kari with 18, and Mudi with 15 points. The Lakers did not have any players who stood out from the rest, but it should be noted that the best were Prince with 17, Reaves added 16, Davis and Wood scored 13 each, while James and Russell scored 12 points each.

They played well as a team, but it was not enough to beat Kuminga and his team. For the second time in six days, Golden State was better than the Lakers, who in the meantime were better than Brooklyn and Sacramento.

Victor Wembanyama